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Bungie Announces Gambit Trial Day, Details Year 2 Mods

Cayde would have really liked Gambit...

by Jacob Bukacek

The launch of Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion looms ever closer, with more and more information making its way to eager guardians as the expansion’s journey draws to a close. This week, Bungie highlighted several significant developments that every Destiny fan will want to know about. First up is a chance for every Destiny 2 player to try out the new “Gambit” game type a few days before Forsaken launches.

As seen above, Gambit will be made available for all guardians to enjoy on Saturday, September 1. Access opens at 10 AM (PDT) on September 1 and closes at 10 AM(PDT) September 2. This is only meant to be a preview of the new game type; players will not receive Year 2 rewards for playing during the preview period, nor will they earn any Infamy. Gambit stats won’t be recorded during the preview period either. Just jump in there and have fun! There’s quite literally nothing at stake.

“Last Wish,” the new raid coming to Destiny 2 with as part of the Forsaken expansion, was also briefly touched upon. Unlike previous Destiny raids, players will only have to wait ten days before taking on the ancient darkness sleeping in the heart of the Dreaming City. “Last Wish” will go live for all to attempt on September 14 at 10 AM(PDT). To succeed in this raid, players are going to need two things: power and mods. Power comes with play time, but what about mods? It’s an important question, one that Forsaken’s Design Lead, Joe Shamrock, was happy to answer.

Two issues he addressed was that of the fate of Year 1 mods and players’ stockpiled mod components. Year 1 mods will  be rendered obsolete and inactive once Forsaken launches. They won’t be removed from the weapons that have them applied, but they won’t actually do anything either. Players might as well dismantle them into mod components. Players sitting on a large number of mod components don’t need to worry, their resources aren’t going anywhere. As long as they have enough glimmer to apply them, they can go to the gunsmith to craft from a selection of Year 2 mods. Everyone else will either have to buy them with glimmer or wait for them to drop on a piece of exotic or legendary Year 2 gear. Exotic gear has a decent chance of dropping with a mod attached, while non-raid legendary gear only has a small chance of dropping with a mod.

As for reclaiming used Year 2 mods or replacing them, the system is pretty simple. To reclaim a mod, all a player needs to do is dismantle the weapon or armor piece it’s attached to. To replace the mod directly, one need only apply a new mod in the same slot as the old. Dismantling mods themselves can earn players mod components. Year 2 mods always drop one mad component; Year 1 legendary mods will also always drop one mod component, while Year 1 rare mods will only have a chance of dropping a mod component.

Some light was also shed on how Cayde-6 is to meet his final end. While there are still plenty of questions surrounding it, fans can at least rest assured that he goes out fighting. Hopefully his demise will have a tangible impact on the Destiny universe instead of being treated as just another insignificant event that the other characters can’t be bothered to so much as comment upon once everything is said and done.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on September 4

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