Bungie Keeps Getting Bamboozled by AI Destiny Art

You know I had to double it.

by Noah Nelson

In the most recent TWAB article that detailed news like Strand abilities, community art was showcased, as it always is, but this time, AI art was selected as a winner. As AI art is becoming more and more of a problem for the art world in general, Destiny 2 artists are getting outwon by AI.

Destiny 2 AI Art, Explained

TWAB articles always come on Thursdays and sometimes skip a week or two. Since Lightfall is on the horizon, Bungie has a lot of new Destiny 2 features to share with us. Every time there is a TWAB, there is a community spotlight where Bungie pulls art straight from Twitter and credits it on their TWAB as the winners for the week.

To our knowledge, the winners of the community art contests don’t receive anything from Bungie. However, the artists do receive recognition for their talent and hard work. The win could also net them more followers that may interact with their art in the future.

The problem is that anyone can submit art for the Destiny 2 art contest since Bungie pulls their selection straight from Twitter. To enter the Bungie art of the week contest, all you have to do is post Destiny 2 art on Twitter with the Destiny 2 AOTW hashtags.

As AI art becomes easier to create (you can google AI art generator and make your own Destiny 2 art), Bungie will have a harder and harder time deciphering what is AI generated and what is made by real people.

This is a problem because people spend countless hours creating Destiny 2 art and spend years of their lives perfecting their craft. AI generators are ruining the art and Bungie will have an increasingly hard time choosing fan-made content over AI work.

Hopefully, Bungie figures out a way to rework the art of the week so that only human-made submissions can enter the contest.

Destiny 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 10th, 2023