Destiny 2 Activities Are Getting a Lot Harder in Lightfall, But There is a Catch

Buckle up, Guardians!

by Noah Nelson
Image: Bungie

If you thought Destiny 2 was challenging enough, Lightfall and beyond will be even more challenging. In a new blog post, Bungie has outlined the ways in which they aim to bring challenge back to Destiny 2. We are excited about the new Warlock Strand abilities, but the new difficulty ramp might be a bit much.

How Will Destiny 2 Be Harder in Lightfall?

Activities in Destiny 2 that are considered higher difficulty will have three new difficulty options. Adept is getting removed and Hero, Legend, and Master are being added.

The activity levels for Season 20 will be Hero: 1770, Legend: 1830, and Master: 1840. The Hero option will become available when you hit 1750 power level, which is the soft cap, and Legend and Master will become available when you hit 1800 power level, which is the power cap.

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Power level disadvantages will be implemented. For Hero, a -5 power level will apply, for Legend, a -15, for Master, a -20, and for Grandmaster Nightfalls, a -25.

Surges are getting a difficulty increase. Surges increase elemental damage dealt by 25%. The featured Surge for Season 20 will be Strand and will rotate weekly between Solar and Void since two Surges are now active.

Each activity will have a new element called Overcharged weapons. If you use these particular weapons in an activity, you’ll deal 25% more damage.

In general, combatants are harder to stagger and have higher health to compensate for Overcharge and Surge. Lost Sectors, Raids, and Dungeons are all getting the same Surge and Overcharge treatment as other activities like Nightfalls and Battlegrounds.

And that is basically everything that is getting harder in Destiny 2 Lightfall and beyond. Of course, Bungie will adjust as they see fit, but know that all activities will require a higher power level, but will grant you ways to become stronger by using Overcharge weapons and Surges.

- This article was updated on February 21st, 2023