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Devolver Digital Shows Off Nine New Games at E3

Things got a little weird this year.

by Ian Lehine


Yesterday at E3 online, in addition to trolling the gaming industry with their spoof subscription service “MaxPass+”, Devolver Digital showed off nine new games coming to PC, consoles, and even mobile. The publishers that brought you Gungeon, Fall Guys, and Gris are back at it with a slate of games that range from fast-paced, moody, irreverent, and everything in between!


Wizard with a Gun

Wizard with a Gun, developed by Galvanic Games, is described as a “Multiplayer Survival Sandbox Adventure” about wizards… with guns. Players will be slinging bullets and spells against some truly creepy-looking monsters and base-building/weapon-crafting to survive. The game has a beautiful, hand-drawn look and seems like the combination of Wizard of Legend and Don’t Starve Together that we didn’t know we needed! Wizard with a gun launches in 2022 for Nintendo Switch and PC.


Trek to Yomi

If you like up-and-coming monochrome samurai games, you’re in luck once again! Trek to Yomi is a sidescrolling samurai adventure game that looks like a faithful homage to samurai films of old. The game looks serious and cinematic, one of the more drama-packed members of the Devolver family. Trek to Yomi launches in 2022 for PS5, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.


Shadow Warrior 3

Shadow Warrior 3 is the heart-pounding next installment of its franchise, featuring highly mobile, fast-paced FPS combat against some very cool-looking enemies.  Devolver’s gameplay trailer featured a lot of jumping, grapple-hooking, and motion-blurred carnage. Shadow Warrior 3 launched later this year for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.



From the makes of Pony Island “comes an inky black card-based odyssey”. This game looks anything but straightforward, starting you out with rat and bullfrog creature cards that help you fight through a table-top forest and passing through… found footage? Whatever this game ends up being, it looks like a serious trip! Inscyption will launch later this year on PC.


Phantom Abyss

Phantom Abyss is an “asynchronous multiplayer experience” where you race through a procedurally generated temple against the ghosts of the players that failed before you. Check out this link if you want to know more!


Death’s Door

Death’s Door is a fun-and-freaky top-down adventure game with smooth-looking combat moves and a good deal of horizontal mobility. Devolver’s trailer showed the player chain-jumping and AoE slashing their way through minotaurs, bird-giants, and cannon-wielding plague doctors. Death’s Door releases July 20th for Xbox Series S/X and PC.


Demon Throttle

Demon throttle is a Switch exclusive, physical release exclusive 8-bit adventure from Doinksoft with both single-player and local co-op modes. The game looks like it would be right at home on a SNES or arcade cabinet, tasking its players to bullet-hell their way up the screen, fighting waves of oncoming demonic baddies.


Terra Nil

Terra Nil is a city builder… in reverse? Instead of presenting the player with a massive, open space for them to build a hellish, extractive monster-city on, Terra Nil provides players with the blasted remains of a collapsed ecosystem (maybe it’s your own game of City Skylines after a climate collapse), tasking them with rebuilding that ecosystem. Terra Nil does not yet have a launch date but will be on PC.


Devolver Tumble Tumble

Finally, there’s Tumble Time. Tumble Time is a physics-based mobile gaming coming to Apple and Android phones later this year. The game was announced in a heavily satirical trailer leveled at the manipulative and all-consuming tendencies of mobile-puzzle titles. However, the game is real and will feature a cast of characters from across Devolver’s games. Given the game’s trailer, it’s safe to bet that this title is going to be funny and critical, a welcome addition to the mobile game market.

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