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Everything Revealed at Today’s Black Ops 4 Event

Multiplayer, Zombies and Battle Royale are all detailed.


Today, Activision and Treyarch held their Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 community reveal event. A ton of information about the game was revealed, so here is a summary of the details given. You can find out more about each specific facet of the game by clicking on the links provided that lead to articles detailing individual features.

The event began with a video showcasing the history of the Black Ops series before Treyarch chairman Mark Lamia came out to discuss the new game. Lamia stated that Black Ops 4 will be the “deepest” and “most replayable” game in the entire series. He goes on to say that this game will contain “more ways to have fun” than “anything we’ve ever created.” And with that, a more in-depth discussion into each of the game’s three modes began.

Cinematic Trailer

It was confirmed during the event that Black Ops 4 won’t have a traditional single-player campaign, but rather narratives will be built into each of the game’s three modes. The Multiplayer mode will feature a narrative set somewhere in between the stories of Black Ops 2 and 3. There will be various characters who all specialize in different areas and various mechanics of Multiplayer have been revamped. There will be more attention to detail in regards to individual weapons than ever before, healing is now a tactical mechanic rather than automatic and the new “Fog of War” mechanic will raise players’ situational awareness. It was also confirmed that League Play will make a return. Additionally, it was confirmed that Multiplayer will not feature thrust jumps or wall-runs and will be 100% boots on the ground.

Multiplayer Trailer

Next, it was confirmed that Black Ops 4 will have a Zombie Mode. This mode will feature brand-new characters, enemies and maps, and will allow for more customization than ever before. Players will be able to customize tools, zombie mutations, zombie speed, health, damage and difficulty, among other options. It also looks like this mode will be the closest thing the game has to a single-player mode, as a single player will be able to play the game alone with AIs filling in as teammates in lieu of other players. There will be three Zombie maps available at launch: IX, Voyage of Despair and Blood of the Dead.

Zombies – IX Trailer

Zombies – Voyage of Despair Trailer

Zombies – Blood of the Dead Teaser Trailer

Lastly, it was officially confirmed that Black Ops 4 will in fact have a Battle Royale Mode. This mode will be called “Blackout” and will have the “biggest map [Treyarch has] ever made.” This mode will contain characters, weapons and iconic parts of maps spanning the entire Black Ops series, including previous Zombie modes. Along with Multiplayer and Zombies, Blackout makes up the third pillar of the game’s gameplay.

Blackout Introduction

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will release on October 12 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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