Here’s What The Mandalorian Would Look Like as an Unreal Engine 5 Game

Our dreams about a Mandalorian game have been achieved through a fan concept!

by Gordon Bicker
Image: TeaserPlay

The Mandalorian is a Star Wars TV Series loved by many and any fans would pounce at an opportunity to get their hands on a game based heavily on the main character. A fan concept has seen that opportunity created and the potential realized. It has blown many people away with the sheer quality accumulated throughout the concept. Whether you are a Star Wars fanatic or simply enjoy picking up some of the best Star Wars Lego sets every so often, this Mandalorian Unreal Engine 5 concept has showcased the powers of the engine.

A group on YouTube that goes by the alias of ‘TeaserPlay’ has revealed a concept created in Unreal Engine 5 of The Mandalorian-inspired game. Upon first glance at the trailer immediately we see the glistening sands of Tatooine that kiss the ground with stunning lighting effects seen throughout the area. It is no surprise as to how many people have been enamored with the entire concept trailer. There are no major studios that have worked on this of course as it is entirely fan-made which is an impressive feat in its own right for a AAA quality achieved in the concept.

Just as the trailer continues onwards, more environments and settings are showcased in beautiful 4K quality even including ship flying. However, it may be a possibility that this occurs on a set track without player input although it could also potentially be fully controlled by the player. Nonetheless, the Lumen lighting system is brilliantly utilized in every area of the game showcase.

Further, Baby Yoda even made an appearance, and seeing them in-game form was a great joy. Only time will tell if a Mandalorian game will be made but with the extremely positive reception given to this overall concept, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see a major studio bring another Star Wars game to life in this format. The quality of this concept also proves the point that everyone now has even more access to the tools after the Unreal Engine 5 release to create extremely high-graphic quality games with a lot of time and work.

- This article was updated on February 2nd, 2023