How to Get the Warframe Verv Domestik Drone Bundle

The latest Prime Gaming bundle goes live today

by David Coulson
Warframe Prime Gaming Warframe Verv Domestik Drone Bundle Key Art


Being an Amazon Prime member has a lot of perks, you can get one-day shipping on items from Amazon, you get a free Twitch Prime subscription to give to your favourite creator, and you get plenty of goodies and items in some top games such as GTA V, League of Legends, Apex Legends, Genshin Impact, and Warframe. Starting today, players will be able to claim the Warframe Verv Domestik Drone Bundle by linking their Warframe account to Prime. Each month a new cosmetic bundle is added to Prime Gaming for players to claim, if you haven’t claimed last month’s you may still have time if you act fast and follow the information below.

If you’re quick enough, you will be able to claim the Loki Warframe with Warframe Slot, Loki Verv Helmet, Loki Verv Skin, Redeemer with Weapon Slot, and the Redeemer Verv Skin. Players that link their accounts together will instantly get the Stezia Sumbha Syandana skin to use in-game too.

To claim the items, first head over to Prime Gaming and sign in, if you don’t use Amazon Prime already you will need to sign up or use the free 30-day trial. Once you’ve done that, find the Warframe bundles in the list of games, click on the current drop and then head over to the Digital Extremes website to link up your accounts. Click the link accounts button on Digital Extremes and log in, then go through the process and your accounts will be linked and you can claim the current cosmetics.

Prime Gaming features dozens of free cosmetics and items each month for players to claim. It is worth checking the site regularly as things are added and changed all the time, with many games receiving monthly drops. In addition to free in-game items, Amazon also gives away various games each month, with Battlefield V currently being available to claim and add to your Origin account until September 1st.