New Fortnite Falcon Scouts Will Massively Improve Squad Matches

The Falcon Scouts have a lot of potential in Fortnite.

by Noah Nelson

The Falcon Scouts are a lot-awaited feature that is now live thanks to the Fortnite v23.20 patch notes. While they are useful for marking enemy locations, there are a few other tricks in the Falcon Scout arsenal that make it really incredible. If you thought the new augments were good in Fortnite, wait til you find out what the Falcon Scouts can do.

The two features that make the Falcon Scouts really interesting and useful in Fortnite are the ability to pick up loot and the ability to pick up downed teammates.

Whether you play solo or in squads, the ability to pick up loot is a useful tool. With the Falcon Scout, you can open containers, pick up any item you want, including other Falcon Scouts, and bring them back to yourself or a teammate.

Arguably the cooler and even more of a useful tool that the Falcon Scouts have is the ability to pick up downed teammates and fly them anywhere you want. With this feature, if you are playing in a squad, you can run away from a fight with the best augments enabled and use your Falcon Scout to grab your teammates and drop them at your location.

The implications of using a Falcon Scout to pick up a downed teammate or even to grab their reboot card are huge. You can use the Falcon Scout in many useful ways to stay alive by scouting out enemies, getting the best loot, and also reviving your teammates.

While the ability to scan for enemies is great, the two features we are most excited about are the ability to loot and revive with the Falcon Scout. Though it may be copying another popular game, we love having the Falcon Scout in the game since it creates a lot more opportunities for balance and fun.

Fortnite is available to play for free on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 18th, 2023

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