Open-World Zombie MMO The Day Before Coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X

Calling all zombie fans!

by Noah Nelson


To continue the undying zombie trend, The Day Before is a new, open-world zombie MMO. And yes, it has been confirmed to not only be coming to PC but to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X as well. Think The Last of Us mixed with The Division and you’ve got yourself what appears to be The Day Before. With hordes of zombie games coming out, this one is definitely one to keep an eye on.

The Day Before is an MMO third-person shooter with survival elements. Players will need to brave abandoned cities, towns, and malls in order to find gear and supplies. With it being set in a zombie apocalypse, the tried and true trope of finding humanity within a world torn apart will be on full display. The game will feature PvE where players will need to strategically sneak in and out of zombie-infested areas to collect supplies or choose to go in guns blazing. It will also feature PvP as players can choose to team up in sticky situations to fight against the undead or turn on each other because, after all, it is kill or be killed.

The latest trailer showcased exactly what players will be in for in this new zombie survival: a beautifully detailed world, loads of weapon customizations, vehicles, and personalized homes. Though it is unclear whether there will be any sort of main story arc, quests initiatives, or PvP clan wars like in Amazon’s New World, The Day Before does look promising.

The Day Before is being developed by FNTASTIC, who have made Radiant One, a Puzzle Horror Adventure iOS game, and The Wild Eight, which is a top-down wilderness survival game that has mixed reviews on Steam. Though there have been many game companies who have started with smaller games and went on to make great games, like Housemarque’s Returnal for example, go into this game with a grain of salt, but still with an excited appetite.

It has yet to be seen if The Day Before will feature microtransactions. Hopefully, after a successful launch without too many hiccups, microtransactions can stay far, far away from spoiling the makings of a compelling new zombie MMO. With loads of potential, this game could be you and your friends’ newest MMO survival to scratch that itch. Or, if you’re new to MMOs, this could be a great introduction for you, especially if you like zombie, third-person, and sandbox games.

The Day Before will be available on June 21, 2022, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.