Pokemon Legends: Arceus Full Pokedex Leaked – All 182 Leaked Pokemon

Get out your notes, trainers!

by J.R. Waugh


In addition to seeing leaked images of Hisuian Forms, we’ve got the latest on which Pokemon feature on the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Full Pokedex in the most detail yet!  Be sure to read more to find out if your favorite Pokemon make the cut.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Full Pokedex Leaked – All 182 Leaked Pokemon

This latest information is provided here, in a big concrete list of Pokemon, many of which will be familiar faces along with new Hisuian Forms which are sure to catch the eye of the avid trainer.  This game is the greatest push yet for an immersive take on entering the in-game world, in which you explore the Hisui Region in a bygone era, freely roam the wilds, and catch Pokemon like never before.  In addition to the Noble Pokemon like Kleavor, returning favorites and mainstays like Gyarados, Lucario, and more will be appearing in the game, however it is up to you to check out the rest of the list.

One of the best things about this game is that, in addition to appearing more grounded in its features, the game is nuanced in its approach to its exploration and world-building.  Another strong point to this title is that it appears to be following recent trends of Generation 7 and 8 in highlighting overlooked Pokemon from previous generations.  The game looks genuinely fun to play, and appears to be a greater refinement on the open areas concept introduced in earnest in Sword and Shield.  Fans are waiting excitedly for this release as it is a risky, potentially rewarding take on the franchise and yet another installment on the Switch console over the last 3 years, and this could signal either a bold new direction, or a costly misstep.

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- This article was updated on January 19th, 2022

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