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SoulCalibur 6 Adds Series Veteran Voldo [UPDATE]

The Hell Guardian returns to protect his master's tomb.

by Jelani James


UPDATE (7/20)

It’s official. Check out the new trailer at the end of the article.


A video from Xbox Israel has revealed that Voldo, everyone’s favorite sado-masochistic themed contortionist, is set to return in SoulCalibur 6.

Much like Siegfried, along with Mitsurugi, Nightmare and Cervantes, Voldo holds the rare distinction of being in every single installment of the Soul series since its inception. In addition, he has always stood out among the cast members (yes, even Ivy despite all the complaining) thanks to him always appearing in bondage — which makes sense given his backstory.

Specifically, Voldo was the right-hand man of a well-known Italian weapons merchant named Vercci who lost many of his riches following the onset of the Italian Wars. As a result, Vercci took Voldo and the rest of his men to an uninhabited island off the coast of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea and dug a 50-mt deep shaft that would serve as his tomb and vault. Soon afterward, Voldo was instructed to kill the sailors who helped build the pit in order to prevent outsiders from knowing its location, and seal himself within to prevent any who do find it from stealing his now-deceased master’s riches.

For the entirety of the series, this place was a playable stage known as the Money Pit where Voldo serves as its guardian, fighting off intruders with his awkward fighting style and Dual Jamadhar Katars.

In SoulCalibur 6, it appears that Voldo will be doing the same thing he’s been doing since Soul Edge, and with his new super attack, he’ll be able to up the ante by launching his opponent into the air with a combination of weapon and body blows before jumping after them and finishing the assault with one final slashing attack to to their back.

With Voldo’s inclusion, the roster now has 15 characters, including the likes of series’ veterans Mitsurugi, Siegfried and Nightmare; the newcomer Groh, as well as Zasalamel and Talim who weren’t in the original telling of SoulCalibur.

SoulCalibur 6 is due out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Oct. 19.

Check out Voldo’s reveal trailer below (UPDATE: The linked video has been removed since the writing of this piece. A new one will be provided once Bandai Namco makes an official announcement):

- This article was updated on:July 20th, 2018

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