Starfield Locations Teased With New Concept Art

Starfield Concept art galore!

by Gordon Bicker
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Bethesda Game Studios recently revealed more information on the diverse locations of Starfield through Developer Commentary insights, three locations were showcased to be exact with details about each area expressed through alluring backstory and beautiful concept art. This article will delve into each area individually and give you, the reader, a better understanding of each location.

Neon — A Pleasure City With A Dark Secret


The first location to be discussed is Neon, a pleasure city seen to be deep in the heart of an aquatic world. The radiant light emitting from the city within the art is a sight to behold and draws our prying eyes into the location. Looks can be….deceiving, however…

The ‘Xeonofresh Corporation’ originally had built a fishing platform and after catching a fish with “psychotropic properties” to create a new drug called ‘Aurora’, they converted all their resources to selling the drug rather than the fish due to how much profit they could obtain. Legal only on Neon itself, people flock to the platform to experience it and the city we now see as Neon.

Akila — The Capital of the ‘Freestar Collective’


Akila is the great capital of the ‘Freestar Collective’, showcased in the concept art walls are omnipresent and this is for an important reason. The world which is inhabited by Akila is home to ravenous and deadly predators known as the ‘Ashta’, a cross between a wolf and a velociraptor. Players can only begin to imagine what these formidable predators may look like.

Starfield’s concept art is always elegantly expressed and Akila’s is no different, the image also represents the societies freedom and individuality, firm values within the city’s walls.

New Atlantis — The Capital city of the ‘United Colonies’

The spaceport city of New Atlantis is home to the most venerated and powerful military faction within the game. As a base of operations for the faction, the city will likely see a lot of conflicts internally.

Residents of New Atlantis come from every walk of life and that acts as a token to the cities diversity and culture as a whole. The city of the future some may call it.

When does Starfield release?

Starfield will be released on the 11th of November for the Xbox Series X and S, along with PC. A busy holiday season awaits us!

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