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Valheim Hearth and Home Update – Release Date, What Will it Change

It's time to come home...

by Gordon Bicker


Valheim is set to receive a large update over the upcoming week and this article will showcase everything you need to know about the highly anticipated update. The experience will be changing a lot over the next months, with developer Iron Gate AB constantly seeking to add new alluring features to the game. The first of which is called Valheim: Hearth and Home and will include a range of new features with the main focus being on house building and expansive cooking updates.

What the Hearth and Home Update Includes for Players

The update brings along a host of exciting improvements and additions to the game. As mentioned, the update’s main focus is said to be on homebuilding and players can take advantage of being able to build and craft new items, such as butcher tables, window hatches, and make use of new building materials like ‘Darkwood’.

Furthermore, the reworked food systems will highlight the new improvements to the user experience of Valheim with the cooking system now splits food into three categories, where a fork icon will indicate what benefits the particular food will give to the players. For example, a red fork icon will indicate it mainly gives health, a white fork symbol indicating that health and stamina are split, whereas a yellow fork icon will show to the player that it mainly gives them stamina.

The choice of what a player chooses to eat is important for benefitting any adventures they may wish to take within the experience. A range of new ingredients will also be available for the player to use when cooking.

Another section of the update can be seen in the form of weapon changes. There is a myriad of updates to various weapons and some of these can be seen in the draw speed of the bow, along with changes to the two-handed axe as seen in the video above with the faster wind-up to allow for quicker dispatching of enemies for the axe users.

There are also extra additional features added, some of these are as follows: Improvements to shields and blocking such as the ‘Tower shield’ with a new knockback feature; a new treasure chest for players to store gold within, and core gameplay tweaks.

The Release Date to Begin the Great Journey

The Valheim: Hearth and Home update will be released to the public on the 16th of September and this will bring along all of the guaranteed features aforementioned. Will you be stepping into the new update to Valheim with open arms to begin building your new home later this week on Thursday?

Valheim is available now on Steam.

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