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Valorant Unveils its Latest Agent KAY/O

The robotic soldier comes alongside Episode 3.

by Shawn Robinson


Valorant is known, if anything, for both its similarities to tactical shooter CS: GO and its diverse range of characters. Ranging from a fire-wielding Englishman, to a German technical genius, to even a diehard American soldier, there’s something for everyone. With that being said, you’ll always want new characters and new toys to play with, serving to spice up gameplay and keep things fresh. And today, Valorant is ready to unveil its newest toy to play with, as KAY/O, a robotic and capable soldier, has officially been unveiled! It will release with Valorant’s next Episode, Reflection.

For how out of this world a robotic soldier that can go toe to toe with human soldiers might sound, its abilities are surprisingly simple. Its first ability (these abilities borrowed from Dexerto) is ZERO/point, which is a suppressing blade that sticks to the first surface it comes into contact with. After a short delay, anyone caught within its radius. Its second ability, FLASH/drive, throws a standard flash grenade with a unique trajectory, similar to other agents. Its third ability, FRAG/ment, acts as a sticky frag grenade that explodes multiple times, causing stronger damage the closer you are to the center.

And finally, its ultimate, NULL/cmd, instantly causes large pulses to emit from KAY/O. Enemies hit will be suppressed for a short time, making for a quick kill. That isn’t all though, as there’s one more unique part to its kit. KAY/O can, for the first time in Valorant, be resurrected by one of its teammates (and it doesn’t have to be Sage). This can only be done if it dies during its ult, which also grants a Combat Stim. All in all, it should provide an interesting way to play Valorant, with abilities that for once aren’t impossible to get a hold of.

Valorant is available exclusively on PC.

- This article was updated on July 7th, 2021

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