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The Presentation of Resident Evil 2 Remake Could Be Very Close

by Jose Belmonte


It has been a good while since we got news that Capcom was actively developing a remake of the iconic Resident Evil 2. Since the simple announcement video the company shared in 2015, all the efforts have gone to the launch of the excellent seventh main entry in the series, and we still don’t even know how the gameplay of the remake will look like. However, that could change very soon if we pay attention to the clues that are appearing before us.

Capcom has updated the profile picture on the official accounts of the Resident Evil series on Twitter and Facebook, replacing the previous image for a new one (pictured above) reminiscing of the original logo used on the PSX trilogy…and of course, Resident Evil 2. This could suggest that with the new year the company is gearing up the promotional campaign of a new major entry in the series, which would finally be the new version of Resident Evil 2. Lots of fans have reacted to this change in social media expressing their excitement to finally see some actual images of the game.

Indeed, after the launch of Monster Hunter: World later this month, Capcom will have a free spot for its next major release, with Resident Evil 2 and the all-but-confirmed Devil May Cry 5 as the most probable contenders. The difference is that the remake has been officially in development for a much longer time.

For those anxious to get their hands on something related to the game as soon as possible, we remind you of the upcoming Resident Evil 2 Board Game that was successfully funded via Kickstarter, and will launch later this year.

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