10 Best Players in Blue Lock, Ranked

Who among these Blue Lock characters will become the world's best striker?

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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Ego Jinpachi’s unorthodox experiment, known as the Blue Lock project, has pushed Japan’s best strikers to their limits. Many have lost not only their chance to win Blue Lock but also their dreams of playing professional soccer as the show has progressed.

The few who have survived are without a doubt the most powerful and skilled players, each with their strengths and weaknesses. However, some strikers have a clear advantage and stand above the rest. Below, we will take a look at the 10 best players the Blue Lock project has to offer.

Beware of major plot spoilers for Blue Lock.

A Ranking of Blue Lock‘s Best Strikers

10. Rensuke Kunigami

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A former member of Team Z, Rensuke has been proving how much talent he possesses since the beginning. An outstanding striker who climbed from the very bottom of the project to the top 10 quickly. With the help of Isagi, Rensuke was able to reach his full potential, being one of the first members of Team Z to score a goal.

He is also among the physically strongest players in the show, and his accuracy with the ball is almost professional-like. If the conditions are met, Kunigami’s powerful legs can shoot powerful strikes, which are almost certain to end in goal. Sadly, his abilities rely on having an efficient team that can help him play to the best of his abilities.

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9. Reo Mikage

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Most of the players who took part in the Blue Lock project earned their spot for excelling in either skills, intelligence, or by having natural talent. Reo Mikage, on the other hand, found his way into the competition by being an all-rounder, meaning he can play any role but is not a master of any of them.

Despite not being the best on any given field, Reo has not fallen behind his fellow competitors. His unique set of abilities gives him the opportunity any weapon his opponents use, to a lesser degree. Woefully, he cannot copy natural-given skills, such as powerful kicks or incredible speed.

8. Aoshi Tokimitsu

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For a striker, speed and agility are among their best weapons, with physical might only being used on certain occasions. However, having more brawn than the rest is not always a bad thing, as proven by the meek Aoshi. He is arguably the strongest and biggest player in all of Blue Lock, with enough power to slam any opponent to the ground with a single push.

If you see Aoshi coming at you, it is best to move out of his way, as he could cause some serious damage. In spite of his physique, Tokimitsu does not seem to affect him when running or maneuvering the ball. Still, he is behind many others in terms of speed and agility, which could be a hindrance in the future.

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7. Hyoma Chigiri

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Another former member of Team Z, Hyoma had to go on a travel of self-discovery to regain his love for soccer. While at first Chigiri refused to play at his full potential, Isagi helped him overcome his past trauma and demonstrate his true strengths.

He is one of the fastest and most durable players in the project, capable of running long distances within seconds, all without getting tired. This helps him take the ball back from the opposing team before they can even react, and travel between the two sides of the field to score goals without interference. Yet, speed is not everything for a striker, which is why he cannot be considered the strongest.  

6. Jyubei Aryu

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Whoever said sports and fashionable looks do not match never met Jyubei, a striker who cares about his looks as much as soccer. Nevertheless, he is still equally as talented and hard-working as every other member of the Blue Lock project. Amidst the other participants, Aryu stands out for his impressive height and long limbs.

Thanks to his above-average stature Jyubei has a much easier time intercepting passes, running long distances, and stealing the ball than his opponents. He uses this to his advantage at every chance, being a truly valuable asset to any team he is a member of. Still, his height cannot help him against players with stronger builds or better strategies.

5. Shouei Barou


The self-proclaimed King of Soccer, better known as Shouei Barou, is arguably the most imposing and intimidating participant of Blue Lock. He is bigger and more muscular than most of his peers and possesses a gigantic ego that he is not afraid of showing off. Fortunately for him, he has the skills necessary to back up how big he talks about himself.

Due to his menacing aura and strong body, Barou can overpower his opponents, which he uses to easily make his way to the opposing team’s goal. While he is not as accurate when shooting from a distance, he is one of the most reliable goalers when up close. Yet, his skills are on a slightly lower level than the real powerhouses of the show.

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4. Meguru Bachira

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Outside the field, Bachira is a kind, friendly, and cheerful young man who loves making friends and helping others. When he is playing, his friendly demeanor goes out the window, being replaced with his monstrous egoism. Meguru is capable of anything to keep his dream of becoming the best striker in the world alive.

Bachira is the most notable dribbler in the show, which helps him retain the ball for prolonged periods without anyone being able to take it from him. He is also incredibly agile and flexible, skills that can help him move in ways most players could not. If not for his lack of physical strength and shooting power, Bachira could have become the best player in Blue Lock.

3. Seishirou Nagi

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Almost every striker recruited into the Blue Lock project wanted nothing more than to crush the competition and become the victor. Up until his game against Team Z, Seishirou Nagi was the only participant who lacked the motivation to push himself further, as he had never once lost a game in his life. Isagi made sure to beat him and awaken the beast inside Nagi, who completely changed.

As of now, Nagi is one of the most talented and driven players, wishing to surpass Isagi and crown himself the winner of Blue Lock. His weapon is the ability to control the ball no matter where he touches it, having absolute control even in the air. Still, his initial lack of inspiration put him behind two other magnificent strikers.

2. Isagi Yoichi

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The protagonist of Blue Lock, Isagi, may seem like a kind and selfless boy who always plays by the rules. After meeting Bachira, Yoichi awakened his slumbering egotistical instincts, turning into a selfish individual who cares only about winning. While he still cares about the people on his team, he would not have an issue with betraying them if it meant winning the project.

Opposed to the majority of Blue Lock’s participants, Isagi’s weapon is not linked with his physical abilities. He has an above-average spatial awareness and an outstanding strategic mind, both of which help him come up with plans in a matter of seconds.

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1. Rin Itoshi

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Being the brother of Japan’s most famous soccer star was not easy for Rin, who lived under the shadow of his older brother Sae. He joined Blue Lock because he wished to surpass his brother and prove he was never inferior to him. He has been trained his whole life to achieve this goal, resulting in him being almost as talented as his brother.

His kicks, passes, and goal shoots are almost mechanical, with almost perfect accuracy. Rin also possesses overall soccer skills that rival even pro players, a feat that no other Blue Lock player can claim to have achieved. Rin’s play style appears to be flawless, with none of the other strikers coming near his level.

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