One Piece Episode 1085: Release Date and Time

Goodbyes always sting.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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The Land of Wano arc will officially end once One Piece Episode 1085 is released. The time to leave their new friends behind has finally come, and the Straw Hats used the time to say goodbye.

Luffy wanted to pay his respects to the man who inspired the inhabitants of the Land of Wano, Oden. Zoro had a last drink with Pedro and Yasuie, two people who left a mark on the swordsman. The rest of the crew continued their preparations, as they would set sail for their next destination soon. Keep reading to learn more about the release date and time of One Piece Episode 1085.

Beware of spoilers below for One Piece.

One Piece Episode 1085 Release Details

Screenshot: Toei Animation

One Piece Episode 1085 is expected to be released this coming Sunday, November 26, 2023, at around 9:30 AM JST.

The episode will be first broadcast through Japanese TV networks and will become available online for international fans to stream hours later. Below, you can find a table containing the times at which the episode will be released according to your time zone.

Time ZoneRelease Time
Pacific Time (PDT)06:00 PM Saturday, November 25
Mountain Time (MST)07:00 PM Saturday, November 25
Central Time (CT)08:00 PM Saturday, November 25
Eastern Time (EST)09:00 PM Saturday, November 25
Atlantic Time (AST)10:00 PM Saturday, November 25
British Summer Time (BST)02:00 AM Sunday, November 25
Central European Time (CEST)03:00 AM Sunday, November 25
Moscow (MSK)05:00 AM Sunday, November 25
Indian Standard Time (IST)07:30 AM Sunday, November 26
Vietnam and Thailand (ICT)09:00 AM Sunday, November 26
Philippines (PHT)10:00 AM Sunday, November 26
Australian Central Time (ACST)11:30 AM Sunday, November 26

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One Piece Episode 1085 Streaming Details

Screenshot: Toei Animation

Fans who want to see the final episode of the Land of Wano arc as soon as it launches can do so via Crunchyroll. The episode will be released with English subtitles, so you will have no issues enjoying it.}

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It is important to note that Crunchyroll requires fans to pay a small fee before allowing them to watch the episode. Once you have paid, you will gain access to all previous seasons of One Piece, as well as most movies and special episodes.

Episode 1084 Recap

Screenshot: Toei Animation

Wanting to pay his respects to Oden, Luffy climbed the mountain to where the Daimyo’s castle used to be. The palace was previously destroyed by Kaido in a fit of rage, but Luffy was still happy to be near where Oden lived.

The Scabbards also wanted to visit their old master and came across Luffy, Nami, Chopper, and Usopp. Before the group left, Carrot arrived to say goodbye and tell them about her new job as the Minks leader.

In another part of the country, Zoro was having a drink in front of Yasuie and Pedro’s graves. The samurai was approached by Toko, Yasuie’s daughter, and Hiyori, Momonosuke’s sister. The latter confessed that she would miss Zoro and Enma, the sword that used to belong to her father Oden. Zoro promised that he would become stronger to be a worthy master for Enma.

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Back in the Flower Capital, Usopp, Sanji, and Franky were making preparations for the long trip ahead. Some, the geisha saved by Sanji during the Onegashima Raid, wanted to confess to the cook but stopped herself after seeing Sanji talking happily with Robin. Most Straw Hats were ready to leave, but Luffy still needed to make one last stop.

He went to see Otama, whom the Straw Hat Captain shared a meal with. The young girl was sad about Luffy leaving, worried that she would never see him again like what happened with Ace. However, Luffy reassured her that he would never forget her. The next day, the crew was preparing to leave, but Luffy remained standing, waiting for Momonosuke to come to see them one last time.

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