The Meaning Behind Toman’s Symbol in Tokyo Revengers

The origins of Toman's symbol.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut

Ever since the release of the Tokyo Revengers manga, concerns have been raised about the symbol found on Toman’s flag. With good reason, many fans have pointed out how the logo could be seen as problematic.

Yet, despite what you may initially think about the logo of Tokyo Revengers, the origins of this symbol are not known by many. Behind the insignia worn by the members of the Tokyo Manji Gang hides a rich and ancient history of Japan’s religion. Keep reading to learn more about the meaning behind Toman’s symbol in Tokyo Revengers.

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What Does Toman’s Logo Mean in Tokyo Revengers?

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Despite what it may look like at first, the symbol on Toman’s flag is not a reference to Germany’s Third Reich. The symbol, as suggested by the name of the gang, is a Manji. This is an ancient Asian symbol that represents peace and good fortune. It is mainly used by religious groups, having been a part of Japan’s religion for decades.

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The main difference between the Manji and the infamous swastika that it has been compared to is the direction of the logo. While the Manji sits upright and faces left, the swastika is tilted and faces right. This symbol was also seen in the flag of the motorcycle gang that Ken Wakui, the creator of Tokyo Revengers, used to be a part of.

Why Did Mikey Use This Symbol?

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Unlike many gangs in Japan, the Tokyo Manji was created to protect the peace and those who could not protect themselves. These ideals were imparted to Mikey since he was a child, as his grandfather was the teacher of a martial arts Dojo.

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Although the organization got involved in several battles with other gangs, they were never the instigators. Toman members would not fight unless they were provoked, following the ideals of peace taught in Buddhism. The symbol was also chosen due to its similarity to Mikey’s real name, Manjiro Sano.

Tokyo Revengers and Religion

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A major part of the Tokyo Revengers fandom may not realize how many religious references the series has. Besides the previously discussed Manji symbol, Tenjiku is also a reference to Buddhist beliefs. The four most powerful fighters in the group, best known as the Four Heavenly Kings, took their name from four Buddhist deities.

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Other religions are also present in the franchise, each related to a different gang. Valhalla, for example, is the name of the realm where Nordic warriors would arrive after dying in battle. Taiju Shiba, the former leader of the Black Dragon gang, is portrayed as a devout catholic, going to church during Christmas as his religion mandated.

- This article was updated on December 5th, 2023

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