What Happened with Akane in Tokyo Revengers?

The tragic tale of Akane Inui.

by Rodrigo Sandoval Lahut
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The Tenjiku Arc of Tokyo Revengers had many shocking and bewildering revelations. It was an emotional arc with many tragic losses from both Toman and Tenjiku.

Still, one of the most shocking but often overlooked revelations was the sad story of Koko and Inupi’s sister, Akane. What occurred to the young woman scarred Koko for life, turning him into the clever manipulator that we know today.

Beware of spoilers below for Tokyo Revengers.

Akane’s Fate in Tokyo Revengers

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Akane was Inupi’s older sister, who was close to her little brother and his friend Kokonoi. A few years before the beginning of the series, Koko developed feelings for Akane, which he confessed to her in the library of their school. While she never gave him a proper answer, it was apparent that she also liked the boy, despite her refusal to date him.

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Sadly, their relationship never flourished, as Akane was disfigured due to a house fire. Kokonoi tried to save her, but he got confused and saved Inupi instead. After the accident, Koko began working for various criminal organizations to raise money for Akane’s reconstructive surgery. Woefully, she passed away due to her injuries before he could reach his goal.

How Did Akane’s Death Affect Koko?

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Akane’s death was devastating for Inupi’s family, but it seemed to have affected Koko even more. Even after she died, Kokonoi became obsessed with money, doing anything to obtain it. He continued working for dangerous organizations, slowly becoming more ruthless and unhinged. Inupi, who felt like he owed a debt to Koko, reluctantly helped his friend.

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Once the Black Dragon Gang was defeated and Koko and Inupi joined Toman, the former’s compulsion to make money diminished slightly. Tragically, Koko returned to his obsessive money-making personality when Izana forcefully recruited him into Tenjiku.

Did Akane Survive in the Alternate Timeline?

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While not officially confirmed in the Tokyo Revengers manga, Akane was most likely saved from the fire in the final timeline. Takemichi was aware of what would happen with her house, and since he was friends with Inupi and Koko during this time, he likely warned them about it.

What is more, Kokonoi in this timeline used his money-making skills to become a successful businessman, which meant that he possibly never worked for criminal organizations. Nonetheless, this is still speculation, as Ken Wakui has never confirmed if Akane survived during the last chapter of the manga.

- This article was updated on November 15th, 2023

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