The 10 Worst Weapon Types in Elden Ring According to Players

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Elden Ring has a staggeringly large weapon list for players to choose from, but the list of worst weapons has been decided by players. A new survey shows the types of weapons that players have been using in their Elden Ring playthroughs, and like every list, this one has its fair share of losers. While every weapon archetype is viable with the right build, some of them just aren’t as fun to use as others.

This isn’t a list about Katanas, Greatswords, or Staves. Those are the best weapons in Elden Ring. This is a list of the worst weapons in Elden Ring.

The Worst Weapons in Elden Ring, Ranked

These are the least-used weapons in Elden Ring according to player data from a Famitsu survey:

  • 10. Great Spears
  • 9. Flails
  • 8. Great Bows
  • 7. Whips
  • 6. Torches
  • 5. Greataxes
  • 4. Claws
  • 3. Light Bows
  • 2. Ballistae
  • 1. Fists

These weapons may not be the worst when it comes to damage or stats, but they are outclassed by the other weapons in Elden Ring that players find more popular. Remember, this list is based on how many players use these weapons, not on their stats or damage. Here’s why each of these weapon types made it onto the worst list:


10. Great Spears

There are plenty of powerful Great Spears in Elden Ring like Mohgwyn’s Sacred Spear and the Treespear, but these colossal weapons pale in comparison to the other giant weapons in the Elden Ring arsenal. If you’re going to use a colossal weapon, you’re better off with a Greatsword or something like that. A spear’s best quality is its length, and when other colossal weapons offer the same reach, there’s no need for an even bigger class of spear.


9. Flails

Flails suffer from one fatal flaw: they just aren’t that cool. Most Elden Ring players envision themselves using giant greatswords, cool magic spells, or one-handed swords with unique lore. While some flails are cool, they just aren’t that great. They’re quite slow and their damage output just isn’t up to snuff. Plus, there just aren’t that many of them to find, leading most Elden Ring players to skip out on this weapons type entirely.


8. Great Bows

Archery is much more powerful in Elden Ring than it was in Dark Souls, but ranged players still tend to stick to magic. That’s why Great Bows, a subsection of the already rarely-used Bows and Crossbows, are on this list. When you consider the fact that they require a different type of ammunition and that there are only 4 of them to find, it’s no wonder that they ended up on this list of the least-used weapons.


7. Whips

Whips are fun to use in Elden Ring for a while, but their strange attack patterns make them hard to pick up as a main weapon. Their main strength is their long-distance attacks, but they don’t deal much damage as a tradeoff. Plus, they’re not great against armored foes, which are very common once you get further into the game. Plus, there are only 6 of them in the whole game, so most players won’t find any good ones during their playthroughs.


6. Torches

These hardly count as a weapon type, so it makes sense that they’re on the list of least-used weapons. Still, a few of them have surprisingly helpful uses like the Beast-Repellent Torch or the Steel-Wire Torch, so some of them are worth equipping in the off-hand slot in certain locations.


5. Greataxes

With a fanbase that’s so obsessed with comically large weapons, it’s a surprise to see Greataxes this low on the list. This likely comes down to one major thing though: it’s hard to find a good Greataxe early in the game. Most Greataxes can only be found later in the game, at which point players have probably already found the weapon that they’ll use for the rest of their playthrough. Many of these are outclassed by Greatswords as well, so players who love to mix-max will probably use those instead.


4. Claws

Claws are one of the most unique weapon archetypes in Elden Ring, but they’re outclassed by several other weapon types that accomplish their main goal easier. If you want a Bleed build, there are better weapons for that. If you want a dual-wielding build, there are better options out there. This leaves Claws in a tough spot. Plus, there are only 4 of them in all of Elden Ring, so players have plenty of other options at hand.


3. Light Bows

Light Bows are on this list for the same reason as Great Bows. Archery is already one of the less popular combat methods in Elden Ring, and Light Bows aren’t as appealing as their counterparts. Still, a good Light Bow can be great for some builds, as they can fire quickly after jumping and rolling which is perfect for aggressive, close-range archers. Still, if you’re going to be that close anyway, you might as well spring for a melee weapon.


2. Ballistae

Ranged weapons just can’t seem to catch a break. Ballistae are powerful mobile cannons. They’re slow, they require ammunition, and most people just don’t want to mess with them outside of a few gimmick-centered builds for PVP. Plus, there are only two of them in the whole game. Most players won’t even find one in their initial playthrough.


1. Fists

It turns out that most people want to use the big swords in a game mostly centered around big swords. While Fists are a fun weapon type for some, their limited range and damage make them a less favorable option for most people. While there are some pretty cool ones that can be discovered late in the game, most people will want to take on the game’s giant bosses with a weapon that gives them some breathing room. Shout out to those of you living your best life with the Caestus or other Fist weapons, but most Elden Ring players want to stick to their swords, spells, and bows.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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