Is ‘Women Talking’ On Streaming Yet?

Find out the best way to watch Women Talking!

by Gabriel Rodrigues
Women Talking
Image: Orion Pictures

A Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar nominee, Women Talking directed by Sarah Polley is based on the book of the same name and is earning a lot of praise. As people hype it up and the Oscars draw near, one question (and always the same question) comes up: Is Women Talking on streaming yet?

Where to Watch ‘Women Talking’?

Women Talking didn’t get as much attention as other nominees like Avatar: The Way of Water or Everything Everywhere All at Once, but it’s a deep and emotional work that surely will get your eyes glued to the screen. Unfortunately, the movie isn’t included in any streaming subscriptions yet. However, you can already buy and rent it; not to mention, it’s still available in a few theaters.

If you’re eager to see it now and can’t watch it in your local theater, you can rent or buy it on services like Youtube, Apple TV, Amazon Video, Redbox, and Vudu. Also, as the production company of Women Talking is Orion Pictures, which is owned by Amazon, the feature might come to Prime Video soon. There’s even a chance it’ll be available before the 2023 Oscars ceremony on March 12.

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What is ‘Women Talking’ About?

An adaptation of Miriam Toews’ seventh novel of the same name, Women Talking is based on the true events that happened in the Manitoba Colony, an isolated community in Bolivia. The movie is centered around eight women who find out that many women in the colony are being raped by the men and unite to decide how they should deal with the problem.

The drama clearly portrays what goes through the women’s minds and how those events affect them. It’s obviously pretty heavy and isn’t an easy watch, but it needs to be that way. The atmosphere is very powerful, and even the silence hurts. If you love dramas with detailed characters, Women Talking might be your pick for the best 2022 movie.

- This article was updated on February 28th, 2023