All Steam Summer Sale Clues and Answers

Find out what to search for during the Steam Summer Sale!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re looking to have some fun with the newest Steam Summer Sale going on, you’ll be happy to know that there is a new set of clues to dig into and discover to unlock some special perks for your account. If you’ve been lucky enough to get onto the shop without any issues, you’ll be able to dive in and start digging through the archives of games available to get this quest taken care of.

Now that the shop is seemingly back up and working the way that it should be, let’s see what clues and games you’ll need to search for to get all of these extra goodies for your Steam account!

All Quests and Clues for Summer Sale on Steam Shop

Clue 1

  • You’ll find riches in rhythm, and fame in six strings. But beware the tax burden axe mastery brings.
    • Game in question: Guitar Billionaire

Clue 2

  • You’ve settled a city and put down your roots. But now can you settle small legal disputes?
    • Game in question: Custard Castle Small Claims Court

Clue 3

  • Sport is the angle. The bait the allure. Success the disease. And you are the cure.
    • Game in question: Bass Ain’t Bitin’ 2022

Clue 4

  • Maybe you managed to shut down your rivals. Your lucrative theme park’s still dead on arrival.
    • Game in question: Dead Seagull Zoo Magnate

Clue 5

  • A know-it-all’s monstrous need to correct you. Will give you and your friends a lot to object to.
    • Game in question: Actually…Frankenstein’s Monster Edition

Clue 6

  • No actions to take or choices to make. This passive adventure prefers that you wait.
    • Game in question: It’s Probably Fine

Clue 7

  • Your role in this realm. Is to guide your king true. To sit on his throne. Or mayhap on two.
    • Game in question: Help The King Get To The Toilet

Clue 8

  • The horror, the horror, pretentious explorers. This one’s the father of all arty snorers.
    • Game in question: The Consecration Of Esthme

Clue 9

  • This virtual river has a full boat conveyed. Two princes that paddle with three little spades.
    • Game in question: Pro Poker Amateur

Clue 10

  • If your strategy is to keep me close, I’ll make you think. If your strategy is to let me go, I’ll make a stink.
    • Game in question: Hold In Your Farts

You’ll want to make sure that you’re looking through all available pages, as some will be right on the front page, but other games will be hiding. Make sure that you’re checking for a price of TH.4X, and you’ll know that you’ve found the right one!

If you’re having issues accessing Steam, you are not alone. Anything from the store not currently loading, to not being able to access your wishlist, Steam seems to be running into some major server issues that still need to be ironed out. Now that you can see all of these clues, get to work and start to earn some special prizes for your page!

- This article was updated on June 23rd, 2022

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