Are EA Servers Down? Here’s How to Check EA Server Status

Having EA server issues today?

by Gordon Bicker
Official Mirrors Edge Catalyst cover image.

EA has a vast number of games under its wings with some of their online functionality generally running through its servers so when a server crash occurs it can be devastating for players who are trying to access some of their favorite EA games online or even trying to access their EA account. Today there has been a server outage and that issue is currently ongoing. You may be wondering how you can actually check the server status to monitor the general situation. This article will take you through the process of how to check the EA server status.

Checking the EA Server Status

Unfortunately, there is no official EA website where you can check the live up-to-date server status of the overall company’s servers. However, there is a roundabout way to check the general server status of particular games. In order to do this, go to the official EA Help website which can be accessed through this link. When you are on the page, at the top section of the website, you will notice an area that says ‘Games’. Press on this and a dropdown menu will appear.

From here, you can then search up the game that you are looking to check the servers of with the search bar. When you have found the game, press/click on it, and then near the top right of the website you will notice an area that says ‘Server Status’. If it is green, that means that the servers are fully functional and up and running for that game.

If you are wanting more detailed server status information, simply click on the text/area, and then you will get an overview of the platform and when the servers were last checked. This is a great way to check the EA server status. In a few minutes, it is likely that the server status will not show as green for many games. The company will likely be working on fixing the issues at this very moment.

- This article was updated on August 9th, 2022