5 Best Game Boy Advance Games of All Time

Go back to these classics

by Christian Bognar


One of the best Game Boy and handhelds of our past is none other than Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance. It took the original Game Boy and grew on that idea, launching the norm of playing video games on the go. During this time came some of the best video games from some of the most iconic franchises that gamers will always discuss in our current times. We took a deep look at the whole history of Gameboy Advance games and narrowed it down to what we believe to be the best on the system. Here are the top five Game Boy Advance games that will make you want to put the Nintendo Switch down and return to the olden days.

Top 5 GameBoy Advance Games, Ranked

5. Metroid Fusion


Not only is Samus one of the most beloved characters of the Nintendo franchise, but she is also one of this generation’s most well-known and fearless characters. Metroid Fusion did everything right regarding a side-scrolling 2d video game. In-depth puzzles, tense shooting combat, and some of the best-designed enemies on all Game Boy systems. 

Players can find an interesting story here that pretty much created the love that all fans have for Samus still to this day. All of the Metroid games are fun to play on any platform, but Fusion was one of them that brought the replayability factor to a whole new level. This futuristic shooter will have you wanting more after the credits roll, starting from scratch and having as much fun as you did the first time. 

4. Super Mario Advance


Even though this title is a remake, it is still well deserving of a spot on this top 5 list. It took the original version and brought it up a notch with crisper graphics applied to both the environment and the characters. Playing as Mario, Peach, Luigi, and even Toad with their unique abilities added a sense of customization to the gameplay allowing players to replay this title with different mechanics the second go around.

Unlike the previous Mario games, this one added a twist where you could only kill enemies by throwing items at them, which was strategic and made players think outside of the box. With so many levels to adventure through, each with its in-depth environment and personality makes this one of the greatest Gameboy Advance games to hit the handheld device. Oh, and the inclusion of the Mario Bros Arcade game was a nice touch too. 

3. Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire and Emerald



Even though these are all different games, we are grouping them because they were all equally as good and all moved the Pokemon series forward in the right direction. These titles changed how fans viewed the franchise in every way, shape, and form. Players who have been playing the newer entries in the past few years and love the double battles, abilities, and options to improve their Pokemon Nature owe a lot of thanks to these three titles. 

They started it all and will always be considered the epitome of what a Pokemon game should entail and how the “catching them all” aspect of the series should feel rewarding and addicting. Players should put their switch down with the newer Pokemon entries and return to these classics, as there is so much love and joy to be found here.

2. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap


One of the few titles that Nintendo didn’t develop, Capcom stepped up to the plate and went above and beyond expectations to deliver a true masterpiece for the Zelda franchise. One of the most iconic Capcom games makes the gameplay loop feel perfect and brings together the best part of “Links Awakening” and “A Link to The Past” while throwing in some fresh ideas that take our favorite hero to a whole different point of view. Link becoming the size of a bug was extremely original and possible due to his hat friend with a persona that fans found endearing.

This hat idea, and how it had its personality, was later adopted in the present-day for the Mario franchise in Super Mario Odyssey. There’s no confirmation that this was where Nintendo got the idea. Still, the striking similarities are interesting enough to make us think that Minish Cap had much to do with the determining factor. That said, though, Minish Cap is a Zelda game, and that alone should be enough on its own to make any top-five list.

1. Mario Kart Super Circuit


It was only fitting for Mario Kart to take the number one spot as the best Game Boy Advance game. Having Mario Kart in a home was one thing, but to bring this on the bus, to a friend’s house, or anywhere on the go was a feeling from our childhood that we will never forget. The tracks were fantastic in this entry, and all fan-favorite characters were present to choose as a racer from the list. 

The graphics were great for a handheld, the gameplay was smooth, and the fact that you could link up with three of your buddies at once was the icing on the cake. Players could race around twenty new tracks and twenty tracks from the very first Mario Kart game, totaling 40 tracks that added a ton of longevity. Changing handheld racing for the better, Mario Kart Super Circuit makes it to the top of our list, and it is here to stay.

Rumors have it that Nintendo plans to release a Game Boy Advance emulator for those wanting to play these fantastic games! Hopefully, this will be true, so we can all get a nice trip down memory lane.

- This article was updated on October 17th, 2022

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