Genshin Impact 3.0 Leaks: New Sumeru Weapons and Artifact Sets Revealed

Getting a Brief Glimpse at the New Things Waiting In Sumeru.

by Weilong Mao


To supplement the increased attention towards Sumeru following the recent live stream in Genshin Impact are artifact and weapon-related leaks for the yet-to-arrive land of Dendro. The 2.8 Livestream despite technical difficulties encountered during its run has presented the player base with new content to look forward to in the patches to come. 2.8 is set to be a return to the Golden Apple Archipelago, featuring skins for old character favorites, and will see the long-anticipated reruns of 5-star characters like Kazuha.

Player interest inevitably diverted however when the end of the live stream released in-game footage of the next region, Sumeru. Encompassing lush foliage and jungle forests, the Dendro nation awaits after patch 2.8, and players have already begun eagerly anticipating its arrival. Such player excitements were not aided by the batches of leaks regarding patch 3.0, With full-blown character models and in-game kits belonging to familiar faces.

More Genshin Impact leaks have been coming out of the woodworks with a few detailing the artifact and weapons discoverable in Sumeru. The tenured leaker Blank has posted a few tweets on Twitter detailing such discoveries, specifically, a Dendro artifact set and a series of 4-star weapons with proper image rendering.

While the second artifact set shown in the image is under dispute, the first set is stated to be authentic by the leaker. Memories of the Forest looks to be an artifact set that is intended to be the go-to artifact set for Dendro characters, providing elemental damage bonuses and shredding the defense of enemies against the yet-to-be playable element. Considering that artifact domains all feature two artifact sets, it’ll be interesting to see what the other artifact set will be in the Dendro domain when the time comes.

Accompanying the artifact leaks were the model renders for a series of weapons called the Arakalari, the set features a woodcraft aesthetic and looks to match the nature-inspired landscape of Sumeru. Though there are no further elaborations in terms of statistics or methods of acquisition, this weapon series could potentially serve as the craftable series of Sumeru, so it might be handy to keep some billets at hand in case they are.

Other weapons that were leaked include a five-star bow called the Ayus bow, referred to as the Dendro Archon bow in data mined files. Also, a bow made using a swordfish called the Fin Bow serves as an event reward. Players can look through those leaks at their own pace on the Twitter account, as posts featuring those image render are all available for public viewing.

For the avid Genshin fan that’s interested in the prospect of data mines and Sumeru-related leaks, the past few weeks or so have proven to be a trove of information on those fronts. It’s hard to say if this trend will continue, but this newfound community interest in Genshin will probably not be put to rest until Sumeru finds itself before the faces of Genshin players.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, and iOS.

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