Latest Persona 25th Anniversary Reveal Was Super Disappointing for Fans

We should have seen it coming.

by Shaun Cichacki


If fans of the Persona series have learned anything since the announcement of the 25th Anniversary Reveals, it’s not to get their hopes up. While the Persona games may deal with underlying themes of depression, sadness and other macabre themes, they didn’t expect to see such a shallow showing of their favorite series.

Fans’ expectations were originally at an all-time high back in February of this year when a teaser image showed off the possibility of a new Persona title in development, but announcements made since then have been toying with the hearts of fans, rather than stealing them away.

More Persona Merch In A Disappointing Livestream

When fans were treated to popular Persona mainstays Morgana and Teddie during the newest live stream, hopes were high. Would we be seeing an announcement for a new game, maybe a crossover, ports, or something to get fans excited for the future of the franchise?

To keep the answer as simple as possible, no. Instead, fans of the game were introduced to some more Persona merch, featuring enamel pins, extremely cursed socks, a windbreaker, a 25th-anniversary cafe that is open for two days, a five-pack of shirts for $100, and more clothing, alongside a record player and a vinyl box set for some fairly exorbitant pricetags.

With the new surveys that have been going out, polling fans about their thoughts on a new title, or ports on other systems, fans had their hopes up to see something like Persona 5 Royale making its way off of the Playstation and onto other systems, but instead, we’re treated to an opportunity to purchase some merchandise for one of their favorite franchises. While the newest may have been a little disappointing, there are been a few announcements made during the Anniversary event that have given fans a reason to celebrate.

The surprise announcement of a revamped and reworked Persona 4 Arena has been the biggest announcement to date, while Digital Wallpapers have been a close second. Here’s to hoping that Atlus can pull off the surprise of the year and bring this anniversary event back into a positive light, and give us something to look forward to, instead of what we have been treated to so far. The Persona series is one of the most beloved RPG series of all time, and it deserves better than what it’s received so far.

Bringing the original games to new platforms with some quality of life updates, remastering Persona 3 for a more modern audience, or even bringing Persona 5 Royale to the Switch could help turn this event around, but honestly at this point, just about anything besides more merch could help bring this event around. We already have the dancing spin-offs, where is Persona Kart when we need it?

The final announcement will be made in Fall 2022, so we do still have some time to see some truly mind-blowing announcements, but keep your expectations in check to not feel the heartbreak that could ensue.

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