PSA: 2K Games Support Warns Against Clicking Links Due to Hack

Be safe with links you receive from 2K this week!

by Gordon Bicker


2K Games has a vast variety of games under its wing. From title such as NBA 2K23 to the BioShock series and more. There are certainly a lot of games always being looked after by the company so it is vital that they are always keeping security for customers at the forefront of their minds. Hacks have been running rampant recently and unfortunately, 2K Support suffered a similar hack the other day. It is vital that people know about the fact 2K Games (support) was hacked via one of their vendors.

2K Games recently released a statement informing the public of a hack that had taken place on its services. The third-party was able to get the credentials of one of their vendors and then sent an email to some players. The link inside that email contained a malicious link therefore from now on you will have to be very careful with links from the company’s support email addresses while this settles down. Don’t click on any links and this also goes for other strange emails you may receive around this time.

Thankfully the support message was sent out quickly and informed thousands of people around the world about the recent hack that occurred. It is always better to have an anti-virus installed on your system to protect yourself further from these types of threats. If you did indeed accidentally open the 2K malicious email, be sure to run an anti-virus scan (via your official main installed anti-virus software of choice) regardless of if you clicked the link or not to be on the safe side.

Hacks are not easy to deal with when they attack a larger company. Private and sensitive information run through these services, and having it in the hands of someone who wishes to do harm to you by getting money or otherwise is never a welcome thought. Hackers consistently target game studios thanks to the vast amount of information always on offer. No-gooders generally know exactly what to target and when to get the best opportunity of extracting data.

- This article was updated on September 21st, 2022

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