Tennocon 2022 Recap: Duviri Paradox, Veilbreaker, Soulframe, and More

by Elliott Gatica


With Tennocon wrapping up, the hype is nowhere from waning. There is much to take in, especially from all the reveals and things to come in Warframe. For anyone who hasn’t gotten through the main quests for the game yet, there are spoilers ahead. Anyhow, here are the biggest reveals in our recap of Tennocon 2022.

Tennocon 2022 Recap

These are the biggest highlights and takeaways from the grand event. Some of these are available now.


Cross-play (TBD)

We finally have an important update regarding the state of cross-play. No actual dates have been given yet, but we have a better idea of what the state of the feature is. First, there will be a “stress test” coming with limited participants allowed. Depending on how it goes can dictate how other cross features will go moving forward.

What we do know this month is that on July 29, there will be a “Baro Ki’Teer parity event” where his inventory will universally sync up across all consoles, including PC. This ensures that any unique events that aren’t already synced, including timers and relays will be. This event does not mean that players across all systems will be able to interact with each other just yet.

Once the team at DE is able to “unify all events” and ensure everything else is stable, the phases of cross-play will go on to cross-save. Since many of our files are server-side, it’s mainly to ensure none of our inventories or profiles are forever lost from some malfunctioning in the merger.


The Duviri Paradox

Debuted originally in 2019, the Duviri Paradox is finally in its final development stages. This open-world expansion and quest “with lots of twists” will be accessible before The New War.

In the trailer, it was made clear that this will contain Roguelike elements. With each death, your progress is seemingly reset, staying true to the Paradox name. You’ll gain more progress with the more you explore, the more boons, or “Decrees” you earn. You get stronger and earn more knowledge with each run.

Since much of this expansion is going to be played as your Operator/Drifter, you’ll need mobility to carry you around. This is where your trusty steed, the Kathe, will come in. Acting as a horse similar to Torrent in Elden Ring, this will help you traverse the plains of Duviri. In the trailer, the Kaithe can be seen sprouting wings, allowing for vertical travel with ease.

With combat, choices, and different things occurring in this expansion, it is definitely going to be a different and disconnected experience from the rest of the game. It’ll be interesting to get further lore on the Drifter, seeing that they’re tied to the New War later on.

The Duviri Paradox is set to release in the Winter of 2022.


Following the events of The New War, will move the scenario forward. This will address what the state of the Origin System will be, meaning the Narmer faction will also become more fleshed out. What we see here is Kahl-175, a Grineer Lancer who made the brave sacrifice of saving his platoon during the Sentient invasion of Earth.

Here, you’ll be able to fight a certain trio of bosses who you face during The New War with your friends. Also noted is that there will be a Protea Deluxe skin in this update, so stay tuned.

This update should come out before the Duviri Paradox.



As the days come closer to the release of Veilbreaker, we’ll get more info on what will be the 50th unique Warframe coming to the game. Since this is the big 5-0, the team is going to showcase him in an animated short.

His style and theme seem to stem from that of noble Greek origin, as you can see him wielding an energy spear and shield. This armor-clad frame does seem to be upping the ante when it comes to new Warframes debuted in the future.


Joe Madureira-inspired “werewolf” frame

Unveiled in the Art Panel segment of the show, Digital Extremes is collaborating with the popular comic book artist and CEO of Airship Syndicate, Joe Madureira. He’ll be making what the team has been calling the “werewolf” Warframe. Although her abilities and her actual name are still up in the air, this is a very welcomed addition to the ever-expanding roster for the game.

This is a rather big deal because Warframe started as an indie game, now being compared to AAA games. Before, we have seen such collaborations with Dan Trachtenberg and the popular trailer for the game. Now we have esteemed comic artists collaborating with Digital Extremes, paving the way for more notable collaborations to come.


Khora Prime (Available now)

Right after Joe Mad’s unveiling of the werewolf frame, Digital Extremes decided to “stealth drop” the next Prime Warframe in the roster. She can be acquired now in a free-to-play route or by outright buying her Prime Access.
Khora Prime also comes with her Dual Keres Prime and Hystrix Prime, which can also be farmed in-game.


Nightwave: Nora’s Mix Vol 2 (Coming July 17, 2022)

While we already knew about this from a hotfix in the week of Tennocon, the next Nightwave is set to debut the day after Tennocon. New cosmetics, some items from previous Nightwaves, and new challenges are sure to take up a lot of playtime for the Tenno. It’s essentially a free battle pass where challenges rotate on a weekly basis.



We all knew the name already. Digital Extremes trademarked the name “Soulframe” a while back, but we never really knew why. In a very heartfelt moment between Steve Sinclair and Rebecca Ford, he relinquished his position as Creative Director and handed it over to Ford. Now as she is the new Creative Director of Warframe, what about Steve and the older generation of the Warframe team?

This is where the trailer of Soulframe came in. This is a brand new game outside of Warframe, but seemingly within the universe. The game is Steve’s next big project, which will focus more on a medieval fantasy focusing more on magic and melee combat.

It’s too soon to tell what exactly this will be, but it feels reminiscent of things like a Dark Souls game, with Studio Ghibli and Westworld vibes.

While many more things were shown in Tennocon 2022, this recap highlights the content coming to Warframe in the near future, with a whole new IP that will come out soon.

Warframe is free to play on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, and PC.

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