Totally Fake Bloodborne Mobile Registered by Australian Classification Board

Forget about a PC port, why not have Bloodborne on your phone?

by Marc Magrini


Fans have been waiting for a Bloodborne port to PC for a while now, with numerous rumors and even fan-made PS1-style demakes gaining huge popularity as a result. While there has still been no official announcement of Bloodborne leaving PlayStation, there have been a few odd cases of it appearing in the wild. Most recently, what appears to be a Bloodborne mobile port has arrived on the Google Play Store, featuring screenshots from the game alongside in-app purchases and an unknown developer. Despite almost certainly being fake, this Bloodborne mobile port managed to get a rating on the official Australian Classification Board.

Supposedly developed by Rock Great Games, Bloodborne’s Play Store variant has some strange differences with the original title. It’s an incredibly small download, featuring no gameplay outside of a purchase screen that asks you to pay premiums and give the game 5 stars in the store. Despite the lack of information surrounding this port — as well as the lack of official statements from Sony or FromSoftware — the game received its own page on the Australian Classification Board. To top it all off, the game supposedly filled with violent beasts and bloody battles is rated “G” for general audiences.

It’s hard to say how this classification came to be. No connection between Rock Great Games and Sony can seemingly be established, and the original Bloodborne is far from a game meant for all ages. Even the images on the Play Store feature depictions of gore and violence. Not to mention, for a game with so few downloads, one can only wonder how it managed to catch the attention of the Classification Board in the first place. Unless new information comes to light, one can probably expect the classification to be taken down quite soon…and for this supposed mobile port to go along with it.

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