Warzone 2 is Getting Rainbow Six-Style Interrogations, Tarkov Inventory System, and More

A new leak reveals multiple new Warzone 2 features.

by Diego Perez


A new leak reveals that the upcoming Call of Duty: Warzone 2 will feature an interrogation mechanic similar to the one in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. Warzone 2 was officially unveiled last month alongside Infinity Ward’s sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot, and this new leak showcases some of the new features that will set this battle royale sequel apart from its currently available predecessor.

A new interrogation mechanic will be present in the game along with a new inventory system that draws inspiration from Escape From Tarkov. There’s more too, so here’s everything that was revealed in the most recent Call of Duty: Warzone 2 leak.

Warzone 2’s New Interrogation Mechanic Explained

Warzone 2 will feature an interrogation mechanic where players can question downed enemies and reveal the locations of squadmates that are still alive. According to the leak, this mechanic will work very similarly to the one featured in Rainbow Six Siege, so it’s likely that enemies will be marked through walls for a short period. Warzone already features a perk similar to this that marks enemies for your allies when they’re shot, so it’s not surprising to see more mechanics like this.

If you aren’t familiar with Rainbow Six Siege, then interrogation is the signature ability of the Brazillian operator Caveira. After downing an enemy operator, she can perform a special melee attack that interrogates the downed foe and highlights the positions of the enemy team for her allies. They can be seen through walls from anywhere on the map, which is huge in a game like Siege where environments are destructible.


Warzone 2 is Getting an Escape From Tarkov-like Bag System

That’s not the only inspiration that Warzone 2 is drawing from other popular first-person shooters. Warzone 2 will reportedly feature an improved inventory system involving bags, where players can organize ammo, killstreaks, and weapons in different ways.

It’s a grid system where ammo takes up one slot, killstreaks will take up 4 slots in a 2×2 formation, assault rifles will take up 6 slots in a 2×3 formation, and so on. Picture the Resident Evil inventory systems if you haven’t played Tarkov. This will allow players to carry more varied loadouts, including multiple weapons and killstreaks. Larger bags can be acquired as well, letting players carry even more during matches.


Pro Perks Are Returning in Warzone 2

If you’ve played the previous Call of Duty games, then you’re familiar with Pro Perks. These are enhanced versions of existing Perks that add new functionality to them. For example, the infamous Commando Pro Perk from Modern Warfare 2 allowed players to melee enemies from insane distances.

It appears that Pro Perks will be a new form of loot in Warzone 2 and won’t be available to pick for your custom loadouts. Pro Perks will reportedly be obtained from Strongholds, a new Warzone 2 feature, although it’s unclear if your currently equipped Perks will be upgraded or if you will loot entirely new ones.


AI Strongholds Will Grant Loadouts and Rewards

Strongholds are new POIs on the Warzone 2 map that will be inhabited by AI combatants. Warzone Pacific has already experimented with AI bots in the form of Axis soldiers in the Chemical Factory POI from Season 2, but Strongholds will take this to the next level.

Strongholds will feature unique objectives in addition to AI enemies to defeat, rewarding players with powerful loot upon completion. These can only be looted once and your squad will make a ton of noise when engaging the AI combatants inside, so these will throw a wrench into most Warzone 2 matches. If you manage to complete the objective at a Stronghold though, you’ll get Pro Perks and Killstreaks in addition to other rare loot.


All of these leaks are still subject to change since no real information has been shared about Warzone 2 or Modern Warfare 2 at the moment, but these seem reliable as multiple sources have reported on them. More information about both games will be revealed in the coming months, with Modern Warfare 2 slated to launch before the end of this year. In addition to these Warzone 2 details, a ton of information has been leaked regarding Modern Warfare 2’s rumored DMZ mode, so there will be a ton of new gameplay experiences for Call of Duty fans this year.

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is currently in development alongside Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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