Worst Silent Hill Games, Ranked

These should have never been made

by Christian Bognar


Silent Hill is a fantastic franchise that took the horror genre in video games and perfected it in a way that barely any other games have been able to replicate. With that said, being a nearly flawless series, some flops didn’t have the usual charm that fans hope for and expect from a Silent Hill game. With Konami’s Livestream event and the announcement of new entries into the series, we decided to look at the worst Silent Hill games known to date and rank them accordingly. Hopefully, Bloober team stays away from these games for inspiration in the remake, as these are bad for the franchise and just terrible games in general.

Ranking Worst Silent Hill Games

There aren’t many bad Silent Hill games, in fact majority of them knock it out of the park. That said, here are the top four worst Silent Hill games from bad to worst.

4. Silent Hill: Downpour


This game is closer to what Book of Memories had done in the sense of actually feeling like a Silent Hill game, but it wasn’t the experience that fans were hoping for. Going for a more open-world environment for exploration, which sounds fantastic in its own right, made the game feel like more of a slog. As you progress, the town starts to feel less and less interesting, making the open-world design pointless. The protagonist is incredibly dull, and the side characters are not anything to write home about. Additionally, the combat feels clunky, a crucial aspect of any video game.

3. Silent Hill: Homecoming


Homecoming is the prime example of dragging down a gamers experience. Featuring a soldier, players have the opportunity to decide what ends up happening to the main character adding to the surprises. Still, besides that, there’s nothing here to keep the players engaged. The monsters are well designed, a big plus, but that is ruined as you don’t see these monsters as much as you should. This is the first time a Silent Hill game was in the hands of an American developer, which explains why the scares are not entirely there, considering Japan has always been the king of horror.

2. Silent Hill: HD Collection


This collection was a port for the PS3 and turned out to be a complete bust. It later got an Xbox 360 release, which was better but still not what everyone was hoping for. There were so many issues with this game that it became unplayable as a port and should be forgotten altogether. Plagued with technical problems, players found the game often crashing to the point where they just put the controller down entirely and didn’t go back. The features that made the original game great were turned down, such as the scary fog, dark tone, etc., and it destroyed the horror-filled environment.

1. Book of Memories


Developers of this game took a completely different path than its predecessors in gameplay design and tone. Release on the PS Vita, this entry featured faster pace dungeon-crawling action and was less focused on scaring the players. The shift did not work in the series’ favor and turned out to be a total letdown. Such a shallow Silent Hill title that betrays the series staple for a generic game that never makes you feel like you are trying to survive in a horror-filled environment. You are never short of supplies since there is an abundance of them, and long-time fans will agree that is not how these games are supposed to work. You are supposed to feel like you are surviving with the skin of your teeth, and it’s like Book of memories completely forgot how to integrate that mechanic.

Those are our picks for the worst Silent Hill games that brought nothing to the table. Developers should take note as they work on the latest entries and ensure great gameplay and a perfected tone that everyone loves from the series. Silent Hill 2 remake should have some great characters when it releases, and hopefully, they do the original justice.

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2022

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