Xbox Cloud Gaming is Getting a Huge Upgrade Soon

Bolstering the Selections Currently Available.

by Weilong Mao


Xbox Cloud Gaming might see an upgrade in terms of its videogame library if recent leaks are to be considered. It’s hard not to think of game passes as anything but a compelling offer considering the benefit that comes with paying a monthly or yearly subscription to have hundreds of games made available to the player in an ever-increasing catalog. It is a system of service that is still being improved and compiled upon over the years, but one that sees new console manufacturers joining the fray as major market shareholding companies continuing forward with contemporary home gaming consoles.

Xbox Cloud Gaming plays a part in ensuring the competitiveness of the Xbox game pass in comparison to its Playstation or Nintendo competitors. As the service provides players the opportunity to play the titles they have permissions for via Xbox game pass on mobile devices or the computer, giving players the affordance to access Xbox exclusives on the go or to enjoy the prospects of playing titles made for the various Xbox consoles without the need for the console itself.

Microsofts seems intent on providing an upgrade to their Xbox Cloud Gaming service however from looking at some alleged developments. Communities on the Xbox Cloud subreddit have dug up some web links that would seem to indicate the addition of cloud gaming compatibility for every video game available in the Xbox digital catalog. This discovery is made via substituting HTML links on the official Xbox website, which reveals a cloud gaming webpage for any game that can be purchased via the Xbox store.

This update wouldn’t address the rotating nature of the third-party games available on the game pass, which phases in and out over the months. It could, however, signify the likelihood of allowing Xbox console players to experience cloud gaming without acquiring Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as long as they own the game that they intend to stream via cloud processing technology.

Giving Xbox console owners the affordance to cloud game their already acquired titles might serve to push cloud gaming as an additional incentive for players to consider acquiring an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S. It can also lead to more interest in purchasing titles from the digital store when offered at a discount, it’s hard to argue that this potential development would prove to be of detriment to Microsoft and its supporters alike.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is available currently to owners of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, on supporting devices where the service proves operable.

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