All 19 Merchant Requests in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Earn some Spinel by completing these requests.

by Diego Perez
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Capcom has added optional side quests in Resident Evil 4 remake in the form of merchant requests. These are obtained from blue flyers posted throughout the game, requiring Leon to destroy hidden blue medallions, collect certain animals, defeat dangerous enemies, and more. While most requests are posted near the merchant’s stands in each chapter, some of them are located off the beaten path and are easily missable. With this guide, you can keep track of every merchant request in each chapter so you don’t miss a single one.

All Merchant Requests in Resident Evil 4

There are 19 merchant requests to complete in Resident Evil 4 spread out across the game’s 16 chapters. You’ll fail some requests if you proceed too far into the game without finishing them first, so try to complete a request as soon as you receive it.

Completing requests will net you Spinel, a unique currency that can be exchanged for special rewards that cannot be purchased with Pesetas. These rewards include weapons like the Matilda pistol and the handgun laser sight, which are highly sought after by players. Here are all 19 merchant requests in Resident Evil 4 remake.

  • Destroy the Blue Medallions (Chapter 1)
  • Pest Control (Chapter 2)
  • Viper Hunter (Chapter 3)
  • Grave Robber (Chapter 3)
  • Destroy the Blue Medallions 2 (Chapter 3)
  • Egg Hunt (Chapter 4)
  • Catch Me a Big Fish (Chapter 4)
  • A Savage Mutt (Chapter 5)
  • Destroy the Blue Medallions 3 (Chapter 7)
  • Destroy the Blue Medallions 4 (Chapter 9)
  • More Pest Control (Chapter 9)
  • Merciless Knight (Chapter 10)
  • Insect Hive (Chapter 11)
  • Jewel Thief (Chapter 12)
  • Destroy the Blue Medallions 5 (Chapter 14)
  • Even More Pest Control (Chapter 14)
  • The Wandering Dead (Chapter 14)
  • Destroy the Blue Medallions 6 (Chapter 15)

These are all of the optional merchant requests in Resident Evil 4 remake. Again, make sure to complete a request as soon as you get it so you don’t get locked into a new area and fail it.

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