All Baizhu Ascension Material Locations in Genshin Impact | Violetgrass, Fungal Spores, Luminescent Pollen, Crystalline Cyst Dust Locations, and Evergloom Ring

Check out where to find all the materials needed to turn Baizhu into the ultimate Dendro healer!

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: HoYoverse.

Genshin Impact‘s version 3.6 is here. But as many fans take on the field to both explore the newly available regions and complete the new character quests, others are looking ahead to the release of both 5-star Dendro Catalyst Baizhu and 4-star Dendro Claymore Kaveh. Now, so that you are ready to fix any kind of ailment once Bazihu arrives, here’s the location of all the Ascension Materials needed to ascend Baizhu to level 90 in Genshin Impact.

All Baizhu Ascension Material Locations in Genshin Impact

For the despair of all players and like Qiqi, Baizhu will make use of 168 Violetgrasses in order to ascend from level 1 to level 90. Like Kaveh, he will also make use of 18 Fungal Spores, 30 Luminescent Pollen, and 36 Crystalline Cyst Dust.

You will also need to make use of a total of 36x Evergloom Rings, as well as that of 1 Nagadus Emerald Sliver, 9 Nagadus Emerald Fragments, 9 Nagadus Emerald Chunks, and 9 Nagadus Emerald Gemstones.

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How to Get Nagadus Emerald Chunks, Fragments, Chunks, and Gemstones

You can get Nagadus Emerald Chunks, Fragments, Chunks, and Gemstones by defeating the Dendro Hypostasis, Jadeplume Terrorshroom, and Warden of the Last Oasis bosses. While Slivers will be dropped by bosses of any level, only those of lv+40, +60, and +75 will drop Fragments, Chunks, and Gemstones respectivelly.

Where to Find Violetgrass in Genshin Impact: All Violetgrass Locations

As a region-exclusive specialty, you can only find Violeetgrass in Genshin Impact by heading to the Liyue region. Differently from most specialties, however, the Violetgrasses will all be located by the side of the cliffs and rock formations. So get ready to climb.

As you can check out in the map below, featuring the location of all Violetgrasses featured in Genshin Impact, you can find the biggest amount of the specialty by heading to the areas surrounding Mingyun Village (south of Dragonspine), as well as to the stone pillars composing Huaguang Stone Forest.

Image: HoYoverse.

As Violetgrass can be, in most cases, found on the upper portion of the formations, close to their summits, we recommend that you make use of Qiqi or other characters capable of marking Liyue specialties on your map when searching for them.

Apart from Qiqi, only Yanfei is capable of marking Liyue specialties on the mini-map through her resource talent.

How to Get Find Fungal Spores, Luminescent Pollen, and Crystalline Cyst Dust

Although you can find Fungal Spores, Luminescent Pollen, and Crystalline Cyst Dust by opening treasure chests featuring the materials, the main way in which you will be able to get them can be done by defeating fungi of specified levels.

You will be able to get Fungal Spores by defeating fungi off all levels. Luminescent Pollen and Crystalline Cyst Dust can be acquired by defeating lv40+ and 60+ fungi respectivelly. You can check out the location of all fungi in Genshin Impact below, courtesy of the game’s official Interactive map:

  • Genshin-impact-fungi-locations-map-1
  • Genshin-impact-fungi-locations-map

You will also be able to get the materials by either purchasing them in the Paimon Bargain’s shop or crafting them in the alchemy bench.

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How to Get Evergloom Rings in Genshin Impact

You will be able to get the needed Evergloom Rings by defeating the game’s new Iniquitous Baptists boss, which can be found in a cave on the Gate of Zulqarnain area in Sumeru. Each win will reward you with around 2 to 4 of the material.

You can check out how to beat him in our Where to Find and How to Defeat the Iniquitous Baptist Boss in Genshin Impact guide.

- This article was updated on April 16th, 2023

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