All Diablo III Season 28 Cosmetic Rewards

Rites of Sanctuary is about showing the Nephalem some long-overdue gratitude.

by Drew Kopp
Image: Diablo 3

The twenty-eighth Season of Diablo III, Rites of Sanctuary, is set to introduce a massive assortment of cosmetics. With Diablo IV set to launch in a few months, Rites of Sanctuary is shaping up to be the unofficial “grand finale” for Diablo III, featuring a handful of new and returning cosmetics for players to unlock. Here’s a breakdown of all the cosmetics available in Rites of Sanctuary.

All of the Cosmetics in Diablo III Season 28

Image: Diablo III

Since the launch of the seventeenth Season in 2019, new Seasons of Diablo III have allowed players to claim Seasonal cosmetics they may have failed to get their hands on while their original Seasons were live. As a result, some of the cosmetics available in Rites of Sanctuary will look familiar to those who partook in previous Seasons.

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The returning cosmetics featured in Rites of Sanctuary consist of the Helm and Shoulder of the Conquerer, two pieces of a transmogrification set that clade the player in gold-and-black armor. This set was first introduced in Season 27, Light’s Calling, and can be equipped to six of Diablo III’s seven available classes, with the Necromancer being the sole exception.

Another cosmetic that will return in Rites of Sanctuary is the Wings of Lempo, a set of wings first introduced in Season 16, The Season of Grandeur. Said to be modeled in the image of Lempo, the most beautiful demon to have ever lived, the Wings of Lempo are a colorful set of wings resembling those of a Monarch Butterfly.

Rites of the Sanctuary also features a handful of unique “End of Journey” cosmetics that can be acquired by completing the Season’s main quests. The first is the Primal Hunter Portrait, a decoration that can be applied to the border of the player’s portrait in the top-right corner of the screen. This portrait, a ring of demonic made from the bones and skin of a demon, reflects the season’s theme well.

Finally, the last of Rites of Sanctuary’s new cosmetics is Taennin the Tiny, a new cosmetic pet that can help its owner collect gold as they traverse Diablo III’s dungeons. A small golden dragon with radiant wings, Taennin the Tiny is an adorable critter that leaves a trail of shimmering light behind as it flutters at its owner’s side.

- This article was updated on February 21st, 2023