All Genshin Impact Mint Locations: Where to Find Mint in Genshin Impact

Check out all the places where you can find Mints in Genshin Impact.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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Very few ingredients in Genshin Impact have as many uses as the Mints, which can be used on a truly wide array of dishes. But where can you find the ingredient in the game? Now, here are all Mint locations in Genshin Impact.

Where to Find Mint in Genshin Impact

Differently from local specialties like Dandelion Seeds, Calla Lilies, and Sakura Blooms, Mints can be found all over the main regions of the Tayvat map and the Enkanomiya sub-region. Overall, the ingredient is really common and be found all over the mentioned regions.

You can find a total of 311 Mints in Mondstadt, 333 in Liyue, 285 in Inazuma, 584 in Sumeru, and 214 in Enkanomiya. Summing up the values features on the regions, a total of 1727 Mints can be found in Genshin Impact at once. Once caught, the mints will respawn in around three days (real-time).

Unfortunately, Mints are not considered specialties and are thus unaffected by the game’s many item-marking passives.

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You can check out the location of all mints in Genshin Impact below, courtesy of the game’s official interactive map:

  • All-Mondstadt-Mint-Locations-in-Genshin-Impact
  • All-Liyue-Mint-Locations-in-Genshin-Impact
  • All-Inazuma-Mint-Locations-in-Genshin-Impact
  • All-Sumeru-Mint-Locations-in-Genshin-Impact
  • All-Enkanomiya-Mint-Locations-in-Genshin-Impact

Where to Purchase Mint in Genshin Impact

You can purchase mints in Genshin Impact by heading to Windrise and then talking to Chloris. She will sell mints for 150 Mora a unit and have 10 in stock.

Like most vendors and shopkeepers in the game, she will restock her available items once every 3 days (real-time). You can also cultivate mints on your Serenitea Pot by purchasing their seeds and then planting them.

- This article was updated on April 6th, 2023

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