All Goofy Stall Locations and Items in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Ready to get Goofy with it? Find out where to locate all of the Goofy Stands in Disney Dreamlight Valley!

by Shaun Cichacki


As you start making your way through all of the exciting biomes and worlds in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll run into many familiar faces, but some are going to be super useful in your journey to restore the world to its former glory. Take Goofy for example, who is helping out and doing his fair share with his Goofy Stall, which will allow you to buy and sell new items. 

Thankfully, if you’re running low on energy, or need to get a few extra dollars to complete a building, you’re bound to find one anywhere you go. Let’s find out where you’ll be able to get the Goofy Stands, and what each of them has in their storefronts!

Goofy Stall Locations and Items In Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are a total of 7 Goofy Stall located around the world, so you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got plenty of Gold on standby to be able to upgrade and unlock them as you go. Here’s where you’ll want to go, what you’ll need to do to get all of the Goofy Stalls unlocked, and what items they can hold!

Peaceful Meadow Goofy Stall

You’ll unlock this as you work your way through the tutorial, so this one is impossible to miss. You’ll find it near Merlin’s House.

Goofy Stall Items Goofy Stall Prices
Apple 50 Coins
Carrot Seeds 10 Coins
Lettuce 12 Coins
Lettuce Seeds 3 Coins
Wheat Seeds 1 Coin

Forest Of Valor Goofy Stall

As you get near the river, you’ll come across a Goofy Stall that can be built.

Goofy Stall Items Goofy Stall Prices
Bell Pepper Seeds 12 Coins
Blueberries 58 Coins
Canola 164 Coins
Canola Seeds 25 Coins
Onion Seeds 50 Coins
Onions 255 Coins

Dazzle Beach Goofy Stall

You’ll find this Goofy Stall close to the pier of Dazzle Beach.

Goofy Stall Items Goofy Stall Prices
Corn 24 Coins
Corn Seeds 15 Coins
Sugarcane 29 Coins
Sugarcane Seeds 5 Coins
Tomato Seeds 8 Coins

Sunlit Plateau Goofy Stall

As you come into the Sunlit Plateau, you’ll find this near the main entrance of this beautiful biome.

Goofy Stall Items Goofy Stall Prices
Chili Pepper Seeds 20 Coins
Chili Peppers 117 Coins
Cotton Seeds 42 Coins
Soya 104
Soya Seeds 60 Coins
Zucchini Seeds 30 Coins

Glade Of Trust Goofy Stall

You’ll find this Goofy Stall next to the Treehouse that belongs to Mother Gothel.

Goofy Stall Items Goofy Stall Prices
Lemon 67 Coins
Okra 171 Coins
Okra Seeds 135 Coins
Rice Seed 35 Coins
Spinach 62 Coins
Spinach Seed 45 Coins

Forgotten Lands Goofy Stall

As you come into the Forgotten Lands, you’ll find this Goofy Stall near the Fast Travel Well

Goofy Stall Items Goofy Stall Prices
Pumpkin Seeds 275 Coins
Potato 189 Coins
Potato Seeds 55 Coins
Pumpkin 996 Coins
Leek Seeds 120 Coins

Frosted Heights Goofy Stall

You’ll find this Goofy Stall right in the center of the Biome

Goofy Stall Items Goofy Stall Prices
Cucumber Seeds 40 Coins
Cucumber 239 Coins
Eggplant Seeds 95 Coins
Asparagus Seeds 150 Coins
Cherries 83 Coins

As you continue to upgrade your Goofy Stands, you’ll be able to unlock more items that are available to purchase, so make sure that you’re prepared and have a pocket full of cash before giving your favorite Disney character’s store a visit!

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Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now in Early Access on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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