All New Reality Augments and Their Effects in Fortnite Update v24.10

All new augments in the latest Fortnite update.

by Christian Bognar
Fornite New Augments v24.10
Image: Epic Games

There was no doubt that a new Fortnite update would bring a handful of new augments for players to try out, and here we are. Fortnite update v24.10 brings new cosmetics, easter egg hunting, an area covered in the spring season, and five new reality augments! Players have much to look forward to in this new update, but the unique reality augments are stealing the show. Here are all five new Reality Augements and their effects.

Five New Reality Augments in Fortnite Update v24.10

These new additions will be included in the latest update that starts Wednesday, March 29, 2023. While you may not be able to equip all of these augments simultaneously, you will want to try them all when you get the chance. Below is a list of all new augments.

  • Aquatic Warrior – Move faster while swimming and regenerate health and partial shields. The effect does not work while caught in the storm.
  • Rail Warrior – Regenerate health and partial shields while on grind rails and zip lines. The effect does not work while caught in the storm.
  • Go For Broke – Grants the player with a charge Shotgun and Flinknock Pistol.
  • Game Time – Grants the player a Pizza Party and Chug Splashes.
  • Springtime Blowout – Grants the player an Egg Launcher and Hop Eggs.

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The new Reality Augments mainly focus on helping players with their health and shields, giving those lucky ones who acquire these a boost against the competition. These can be especially helpful for players who are low on health kits!

If you find yourself coming up short and not receiving these augments, no worries, make sure to reroll. Rerolling is an easy process and will increase your chances of getting the specific Reality Augment you desire. All you need to do is look under your minimap on the right-hand side of the screen where the option to reroll is present.

- This article was updated on March 29th, 2023

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