All Palico Secret Support Skills in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Create the deadliest Felyne warrior!

by Marc Magrini


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak allows players to fight dangerous new monsters and unlock never-before-seen skills for their arsenal. It also gives quite a few bonuses to Palicos, the cat buddies found in practically every Monster Hunter game. While there were some new quality-of-life features that Palicos can take advantage of, they also gained entirely new abilities. Around the time a player starts Sunbreak’s story in full, they’ll be given access to a handful of new requests. The rewards for these requests are secret Support Skills that Palicos can use to become more effective fighters than ever.

All Secret Support Skills in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

To get their hands on these skills, players will first need to unlock them. Sometime after visiting Elgado, numerous requests from the Felynes around the outpost will ask the hunter to take one Palico of each type on three quests. If the player decides to double up on Palicos, they can complete two requests at once as they hunt new monsters and travel through Master Rank locales. Depending on the type of Palico you bring, you’ll unlock a specific support move based on their capabilities. Thankfully, you can equip these moves on any Palico you like, not just a Palico of the same type as the unlocked move. The secret Support Skills are as follows:

  • Healer – Healing Clover Bat. Places a cage of healing bats on the ground that will follow the player when struck and heal them based on damage done to the monster.
  • Assist – Ameowzing Mist. Places a mine that will deal elemental damage to a monster nearby. It will also cause elemental blights.
  • Fighter – Felyne Powered-Up. Increases the strength of friendly Palicos and Palamutes as they attack the monster.
  • Bombardier – Felyne Fireworks. Creates a bomb to deal massive damage to a monster.
  • Gatherer – Lottery Box. Randomly calls a support move to use against the monster, including the brand-new Kittenator.

All of these moves will be used automatically by the Palico, with the exception of Felyne Fireworks. These skills can be extremely useful in hunts, so players should get their hands on them as soon as possible!

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

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