All Pangea Figurine Locations and Usage in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores

Are you trying to gather up all of these dinos in Horizon Forbidden West?

by Gordon Bicker
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Horizon Forbidden West is packed with collectibles and secrets for you to seek out in the Burning Shores, and players are on the hunt for Pangea Figurines. These are dinosaur figures encased in glass that you will be able to find and pick up at certain locations. This article will take you through all of the Pangea Figurine locations in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores.

All Pangea Figurine Locations in Horizon Forbidden West

Green Raptor

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The Green Raptor hunt can be started from the location of the dinosaur shown on the map. You will be able to find a log explaining that the dinosaur was stolen and taken to an underground parking garage. We have marked this location with a yellow flag for you to travel to. There are a lot of Stalkers around this area so be sure to keep an eye out.

Make your way down the Parking lot and you will find the Green Raptor in a car’s boot/trunk on the bottom. Scan with your focus by holding the right stick (R3) and this will let you visualize where any obtainable objects are — equally the same with Pangea Figurines. Go up to the trunk and open it up with R2 by prying it open.


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When you arrive at this location, you will find a locked door with a code needed. The Fandom door code is 111464 and you can find that by climbing up on top of the nearby tall building. There is a heart on the ground with a date as it is to celebrate an anniversary.

This information is discovered by scanning the log found in The Fandom for you to read. From there you can work out that you need to climb up and find the code. After you get it, you can make your way back down to enter and go inside to collect the Dimorphodon figurine.

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Queen Rex


Queen Rex is likely one of the earliest Pangea Figurines you will find. When you get to the area you will find a blue clamp on a weak-looking wall. Pull this down by aiming with L2 and then press triangle to get into the Pullcaster mode. Fire with R2 when aiming at the clamp and pull down the wall. Inside you will find out that you need to track down a Shell-Walker. You can follow its tracks with your focus.

These will lead you to a nearby beach where you can fight off machines and then collect the Pangea Figurine from the downed Shell-walker.

Red Raptor

  • Horizon-Forbidden-West-Red-Raptor-Location
  • Horizon-Forbidden-West-Red-Raptor-Vent-Location

The information you need to find this figurine is a little underwater and when you try and enter you will find the entrance blocked. What you need to do is head to the roof and fire your bow or any other weapon toward the purple-glowing pillar. This will explode and the rubble will crash down on the roof creating an entrance for you to go through.

Obtain the information inside and then you will find out you need to head to the northeast on your compass. There is a large mansion at the top of the hill that you can travel to up near the flowing lava. On the roof will be a clamp and you can deal with while on your mount; the exact clamp location is shown in the second image above. Venture inside and you will find the Red Raptor there.

Reggie the Pterodactyl


When you are at Pangea Park you will be able to find another figurine, this time in the form of Reggie. After you have reached the location you can travel around the side of the building to find a vent. You can pull this down similar to what you did with the Queen Rex clamp wall and then jump inside the vent. Go through until you can kick open another vent and drop down to the floor.

Reggie will be in this room and you can pick them up nice and easily.

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Where to Use the Pangea Figurines and Portal Quiz Answers

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Another task associated with the Pangea Figurines’ quest is to find a use for them. You will be able to do this at Pangea Park’s central circle area with the portal. There are five consoles lined up around the center, one related to each dino you have. Activate one of the consoles and you will be asked a quiz answer. All of the console’s quiz answers are as follows.

  • Jane’s ID number: 4331
  • Portals torn open: 378
  • Raptors escaped in the Siege of Pangea: 1051
  • Portal code: 6837
  • Pre-recorded messages: 785

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Now that you know all of the quiz answers you can find out what your grand prize is when you collect all of the Pangea Figurines — with this guide thankfully you won’t have to look too far for them!

- This article was updated on April 24th, 2023

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