All Pixar Fest Star Path Rewards and Duties in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Hot Dog! Find out how to unlock all of these amazing items in Dreamlight Valley!

by Shaun Cichacki


As you journey through the beautiful world of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll be able to unlock premium goods through the Pixar Fest, which is basically a Battle Pass system for this life-simulation title. You’ll find that there are plenty of excellent rewards waiting to be unlocked, and quests to finish off to make this happen.

How do you access the Pixar Fest Event, and what can you unlock? Let’s dive right in and see what is on offer, and what you’ll need to do to unlock more points to get your hands on everything you could possibly need. Here are all of the currently available rewards in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s Pixar Fest Event!

Every Star Path Reward In Disney Dreamlight Valley

With the focus of this month’s Star Path being Pixar Films, you’ll find plenty of nods that will help you deck your character, town, and more out with their unique style. You’ll have 6 pages of unlockables available, so make sure that you’re ready to jump in and start earning all of these amazing rewards!

There are also two different tiers that you’ll be able to unlock, the Premium Tier which costs 2,500 Moonstone, or the Free Tier which will allow you to redeem some great items without spending any money!

Star Path Page 1 Rewards


Free Tier Rewards:

  • Incredibles Motif
  • x100 Moonstone
  • Papel Picados

Premium Tier Rewards

  • XL-15 Spaceship Model
  • Grape Soda Motif
  • Coco Guitar Motif
  • IncrediSquirrel

Star Path Page 2 Rewards


Free Tier Rewards

  • Up House Motif
  • SR Motif

Premium Tier Rewards

  • Burro Pinata
  • x200 Moonstone
  • Lightning McQueen Motif
  • Space Rangers Suit Display
  • Low-Boot Incredibles Suit

Star Path Page 3 Rewards


Free Tier Rewards

  • Coco Motif
  • “Live The Music” Shirt
  • x400 Moonstone

Premium Tier Rewards

  • Edna Motif
  • Lightning McQueen Motif
  • “Adventure Is Out There!” Balloon Basket
  • Mr. Incredible Retro Suit Display

Star Path Page 4 Rewards


Free Tier Rewards

  • Jack-Jack Motif
  • Piston Cup
  • Fredricksen Fireplace

Premium Tier Rewards

  • x500 Moonstone
  • Sox Motif
  • Elasticycle
  • High-Boot Incredibles Suit

Star Path Page 5 Rewards


Free Tier Rewards

  • Pixar Fest 2022 Shirt
  • Miguel Motif
  • Piston Cup Motif

Premium Tier Rewards

  • Miguel’s Guitar
  • Lightning McQueen Racing Jacket
  • McQueen Racing Bed
  • x800 Moonstone

Final Star Path Page Rewards


The final page is available only to Premium Star Path members and will net you an extra x175 Moonstone. If you have selected to unlock the Premium Path, you’ll have earned a total of 2,175 Moonstone, whereas Free Players will have unlocked 500 Moonstone, so while you may not have enough to fully recoup your purchase price, you’ll be quite close to unlocking the next one when it comes out if you complete the Star Path in full!

And that’s all there is to know about the Star Path Rewards that are currently available in Disney Dreamlight Valley! If you’re loving everything that this game has to offer, make sure that you’re checking into our Guide Sectionso you can find out how to import your avatar, where to find all of the different critters in the game, and where all of the Goofy Stalls are located!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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