Disney Dreamlight Valley Critters Guide: Favorite Foods and Locations for Every Animal

Find out where to find all of the different critters in this Magical World!

by Shaun Cichacki


As you start to make your way through the worlds of Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’re bound to come across some of the most cuddly critters imaginable. If you’re looking to keep these little guys and gals as happy as possible, you’ll want to make sure that you’re giving them their favorite foods, so you’ll be able to reap the rewards for your kind deeds!

Make sure that you know where to go, and which Biome contains which animals, as you make your way through this magical adventure. Here’s where you can find each critter in the game, and what their favorite food is, so you can start earning some excellent new items!

Critter Locations & Favorite Foods In Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are a total of 7 different types of critters, and each of them inhabits their own biomes, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re doing whatever possible to start unlocking them as soon as possible! Here is where you’ll need to go, and what you’ll need to bring along with you to start giving them their favorite snacks.

Squirrels In Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you start your game off in the Plaza, you’re bound to come across quite a few little Squirrels running around, and most of them will be more than happy to run right up to you. You’ll be able to interact with them and give them their favorite food, Peanuts.

Sunbirds In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Checking out the Sunlit Plateau, you’re going to need to strap on your running shoes, as you chase these beautiful creatures down. They’re one of the fastest animals around, so you’re going to have to do your best to catch up to them before you can finally give them a nibble of their favorite food, the Orange Sunleek.

Rabbits In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once you make your way into the Peaceful Meadow, you’ll start to notice some adorable little Rabbits running around. Unlike the Squirrels, however, these guys are going to run away from you, playing hard to get. You’ll need to chase them down three to four times before you’re able to give them their favorite food, Carrots.

Sea Turtles In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now that you’ve made your way towards Dazzle Beach, you’ll be able to see all of the cute Sea Turtles that are roaming around in the sands. If they are hungry, they’ll pop into their shells as you approach them, and you’ll just need to wait a moment until they pop back out, and you’ll be able to finally give them their favorite treat, Seaweed. 

Raccoons In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Entering the Forest Of Valor, you may notice that a few of the chubby little Raccoons may be staring at you in the distance. This is a good sign. If they’re hungry, they’re going to wait and watch you because they want to see what you’re up to. You’re going to need to walk towards them, but take your time, because if you spook them, they’re just going to get some distance on you. After you’ve finally snuck your way through the woods to get to them, you’ll be able to give them their favorite snack, Blueberries. 

Crocodiles In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Making your way into the Glade of Trust, you’re going to have a very similar experience with the Crocodiles that inhabit these lands. Watching you from a distance, they’ll eventually put their heads down, giving you a chance to sneak up closer to them, but make sure that you stop when they pop their big ole heads back up. Once you’ve gotten close enough, you’ll be able to toss them a Lobster as a sign of appreciation.

Foxes in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Entering the tundra of the Frosted Heights, you’ll have a nicer experience with these fuzzy little Foxes. They’ll come scampering up to you if they are hungry, and they’ll want you to follow them, so you’ll need to put on your snow boots and see what they’re up to. After you’ve given chase for a long enough period, you’ll be able to give them some White Sturgeon as a treat.

Ravens In Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you make a trip into the Forgotten Lands, you’re going to need to be on the search for these elusive birds, and they’re reportedly hard to encounter. There are no confirmed favorite foods for this scary bird just yet, so keep coming back to check and see!

And there we have it! All of the animals that you’ll be able to encounter in the beautiful lands of Disney Dreamlight Valley. If you’re loving everything that this game has to offer, make sure that you’re checking into our Guide Section, where you’ll be able to find out when this game is coming to mobile devices, where you can find all of the Goofy Stalls, and the best ways to farm for extra gold!

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available now in Early Access on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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