All Rewards in the Valorant Battle Pass: Episode 05: Dimension Act 3

Another season, another 50 tiers.

by J.T. Isenhour

Another act of Valorant brings with it another Battle Pass alongside 50 tiers for players to grind through as they try to climb up in ranks or play casually with friends. The rewards in Valorant’s Battle Pass are generally worth the cost and this time around is no different. A couple of collections worth of weapons, some calling cards, titles, and a bunch of new meme sprays. Let’s go over everything you can expect to earn out of the Valorant battle pass.

All the Rewards in the Valorant Battle Pass

While you are grinding out the newest agent to have access to all his game-changing abilities, you might as well pick up the Battle Pass to go with it. There are plenty of items worth picking up, especially some of the weapon skins. Here are all the skins you can expect to earn in Valorant’s battle pass.

Iridian Thorn Collection – Bucky, Judge, Operator, Sheriff, and Melee Weapon.


The Iridian Thorn collection looks like the result of crossing the Spline weapons with the Ion weapons. A very alien feel with lots of orbs or pearls included in each weapon’s design. While the skins themselves are alright, they don’t have any extra effects or animation changes and they don’t have unlockable recolors.

Rune Stone Collection – Shorty, Marshal, Odin, and Bulldog


These weapons skins are very basic with each weapon having a matte black body mixed with etched bronze metal parts in between. Despite these skins being so simple they feel quite dignified. Much like the Iridian Thorn collection, none of the Rune Stone skins have any changes that can be done to them and don’t provide any weapon changes.

Starlit Odyssey Collection – Ghost, Spectre, Guardian, Vandal


This collection is what most players will purchase the Valorant battle pass for as these are as close to shop quality skins as you can get. Not only does the Starlit Odyseey collection spawn across some of the more popular guns in the game but the skins themselves are a higher tier than any of the other skins in the Valorant battle pass.

Each skin features a night sky pattern similar to Astra’s contract skins but with the stars actually blinking on the skin. You can also choose from four different color variations of each skin allowing you to really make this collection work for you. These skins are so nice you might consider refunding some of the weapon skins you already bought.

Calling Cards, Titles, and Sprays

Alongside all of the weapon skins, you also have 13 different calling cards that you can earn with a few of them being included in the free track. These calling cards cover not only the new agent and a little bit of his backstory, but some of the other agents’ lore as well.

You can also find some interesting new titles mixed in but you don’t need to pay for the Valorant Battle Pass to get any of them. You will need to pay for the Battle Pass to get access to the couple of new weapon buddies that were added alongside the new weapon collections. As well as all the free Radianite points so you can upgrade the new Starlit Odyssey collection.

The final big bit of the Valorant Battle Pass is something that most players overlook but everyone has come to expect at this point: the sprays. While you do have some casual agent-related sprays, the ones that catch everyone’s eyes are the meme sprays. These cute little chibi memes won’t also get you, but normally one or two of the new sprays will get a chuckle from you as you slot them into your collection.

As per usual the cost of the Valorant Battle Pass is 1,000 VP to unlock the premium version. As long as you get more than 20 Radianite points out of the pass you will have made your money’s worth out of it and that’s only if you don’t consider anything else in the Battle Pass worth anything at all.

Valorant is now available on PC.

- This article was updated on November 3rd, 2022

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