All Ships and Ship Types in Everspace 2

Are you planning to try and get all of the ships in Everspace 2?

by Gordon Bicker
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Everspace 2 has plenty of players discovering the vast space atmosphere and some are wondering about what all of the ships are. This is of no surprise because of the variety of types on offer for them. Customization of ships plays a big part in the game and this article will take you through all ships and ship types in Everspace 2.

Every Ship Class and Ship Type in Everspace 2

Light Fighter Ship Type

This type of ship is more focused on agile movement and speedy quick damage. If you are wanting to be able to avoid enemy attacks with style and finesse then the Light Fighter Ship Type will be for you. There are three Ship Classes with every type of ship:

  • Vanguard — This type of ship has increased shields and this can be extremely useful for Light Fighters. Not only that but you will also have an increased critical hit chance.
  • Stinger — In terms of speed this is going to be one of your best friends with navigation. If you’re looking to get in and out of an area rapidly and leave a trail of chaos in your wake: Look no further than the Stinger.
  • Scout — The Scout is one of the most balanced Light Fighters even though it won’t offer you as much as some of the Medium Fighter ships for example.

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Medium Fighter Ship Type

Medium Fighter ship types are more focused on offering a great range of stats across the board. You won’t get some of the most powerful damage like those found in Heavy Types though. However, this is one of the most common types of ship that players may go for.

  • Interceptor — The interceptor is one of the most powerful Medium fighters offering a medium to high range of damage. This is close to equal pairing with other medium Fighter types like the Striker.
  • Striker — Another high-damage Medium Fighter which is brilliant for allowing you to have a Fighter that can get the jobs done with little issues. Defense is going to be the drawback for this class of ship.
  • Sentinel — The most prominent balanced Medium Fighter can be said to be the Sentinel. If you’re looking for a ship that has a nice all-around functionality you can find that with the Sentinel.

Heavy Fighter Ship Type

This type of ship is more focused on high damage and defense. These are essentially the brutes of Everspace 2’s array of ships. Nonetheless, your mobility will be very low using this type of ship so it’s something to keep in mind.

  • Bomber — As the name suggests, this class of ship will let you rain fire down on your foes with high-powered missiles/bombs that you can utilize.
  • Vindicator — The Vindicator class will have more shields than armor and this can be used to great effect if controlled correctly. You will still get the high damage output that most enjoy about the Heavy Fighter Ship types with this class.
  • Gunship — One of the most armored ships in the game, the Gunship will offer a lot of protection for you. However, you won’t just get protection but you will be able to provide extreme damage with the Gunshiop at the same time.

Now that you know all of the ships you can acquire in Everspace 2, it’s time to get busy with flying. Some players may even decide to try some cheats along the way. No matter what your process of getting the ships are, a lot of enjoyment is awaiting you.

- This article was updated on April 10th, 2023

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