All Starfield Romance Options and How to Marry Them

You don't exactly get on one knee...

by Jorge Aguilar

Starfield has four romance options for the player to participate in, two being male and two being female. Unfortunately, you’re stuck with only these four, and the other alternative is just to be alone. Below we’ll show all Starfield romance options and how to marry them.

Who are the Romance Options in Starfield?

All of your romance options are members of the Constellation faction, the central focus of the game’s narrative. Unlike some other games in Bethesda, you can only choose between the four morally upstanding romance options. Here are the four you can pick from:

  • Andreja
  • Barrett
  • Sarah Morgan
  • Sam Coe

No matter your character’s gender, pronouns, or background, all four of these romance options are available to you.

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How to marry companions in Starfield

When you get their romance affinity high enough, you will then need to finish their personal quests. Once that’s done, you’ll eventually be put into a dialogue where you must choose between a [COMMITMENT] option and a staying friends type of dialogue.

You’ll be tasked with joining the character on a planet, where they will ask you again if this is what you want. Once you confirm, you’ll just need to get certain people to join the ceremony, and you’ll be ale to get married. The marriage quests are just fetch quest with markers.

How to Romance Sarah Morgan

Image: Bethesda

Sarah Morgan, the leader of Constellation, is a strong and morally-driven woman. She’s another person who I think this game could have been exclusively about. To win her heart, you need to maintain an empathetic and philosophical attitude. Every question needs to have an answer that makes her think you’re pondering the universe.

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Sarah appreciates kindness and consideration, so you can’t participate in illegal activities – like murder and theft – while she’s your companion. If you commit unlawful acts without a justifiable reason, Sarah will likely dislike your actions. There are cases where it is justified and she’s cool about it, so don’t worry if the reason aligns with her faction.

Being honest and empathetic in your responses is the key to impressing Sarah. If you’re going to do anything in the Crimson Fleet or Neon City missions, keep Sarah away. Trust me, she’ll really hate you by the end of some of those Neon missions.

When her personal mission comes up, make sure to be understanding during it. It’s actually pretty serious and she won’t appreciate jokes.

How to Romance Andreja

Image: Bethesda

Andreja has a lot of secrets, but requires you to be as honest as you can. To build a romantic connection with Andreja, be honest and help those in need. Everyone you kill near her needs to have a good reason because she’s against murder. She has a sorted past but that’s heavy spoiler territory.

An easy way to raise her affinity is to take her on missions where you have to bring justice to criminals. In my opinion, the Freestar Ranger questline does this best, just don’t take any bribes. When her personal mission comes up, make her feel okay about how it ended (major spoilers there). The important thing is to make her feel normal, because she has a past that makes her different than everyone else, and be kind as much as you can.

How to Romance Barrett

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Barrett is the first Constellation member you meet in your journey and the one who gifts you your first ship. Compared to other Constellation companions, Barrett is easygoing and doesn’t mind minor infractions, like stealing or pickpocketing, occurring in his presence.

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Despite his laid-back demeanor, it’s still important to maintain kindness while adventuring with Barrett. If you think a particular quest might force you to make a morally questionable decision, consider leaving Barrett behind or dismissing him as a companion. While I had Barrett as my companion for Neon City missions, he lost a lot of liking for me, so I wouldn’t recommend doing those missions near him. Don’t make my mistakes.

Also, if Barrett asks for money during your conversation, give him as much as he wants. This will help with his personal mission, making things easier in the long run.

How to Romance Sam Coe

Image: Bethesda

Sam Coe is deeply committed to justice and righteousness. He’s pretty much the hero of the game, and to be honest I feel like Starfield should have had him as the main character. He has a strict stance on issues of right versus wrong, believing that those who commit crimes should face the consequences. When interacting with Sam, don’t do crimes.

He’s another person whose affinity raises quickly in the Freestar Rangers faction questline. Sam also has a soft spot for his daughter, making her a key factor in building affinity with him. To quickly build your romance with Sam, make his daughter, Cora Coe, happy. That means giving her money and books whenever she requests it. As a dad to a daughter myself, I can see why someone being kind to your child lowers your guard.

His personal mission involves his daughters mother, and it’s a tearjerker. Make sure to be kind to Cora and him during it.

- This article was updated on November 1st, 2023

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