All Vaultlander Locations in New Tales from the Borderlands

Gotta collection 'em all!

by Noah Nelson


Vaultlanders are the main collectible in New Tales from the Borderlands that double as miniatures used in the Vaultlanders Battle minigame. Each Vaultlander is a character from an earlier Borderlands game and they all have their own unique stats and abilities. Here are all of the Vaultlanders locations in New Tales from the Borderlands.

All Vaultlander Locations in New Tales From the Borderlands

Vaultlanders are different than character customizations in New Tales from the Borderlands because they don’t require money to collect, they require knowing where to look. Phuong gives you the first Vaultlanders miniature which, fittingly, is herself. From then on out, you need to find the Vaultlanders by yourself in the open areas.

To find Vaultlanders easily, see if a Vaultlander notification is present under your current objective. When you are close to a Vaultlander, a message will apear. Interact with everything in the environment, and you’ll find every Vaultlander in the game.

Vaultlander Locations – Episode 1

As mentioned earlier, the first Vaultlander you get is Phuong. You literally can’t miss it as it is a required section of the game that every player experiences, regardless of your choices so far.

Claptrap is the next Vaultlander you can collect. He is collected during the open Octavio area around Paco’s Taco truck. Before you rescue Juniper and continue on with the story, search the pile of trash next to the dumpster which is across from Paco’s Taco truck.

Similar to getting Claptrap, Amara is collected by punching rubble away as Fran in her frogurt shop. Before you decide to let Reba into the back room or not, collect Amara, a Vaultlander miniature of one of the Borderlands 3 playable characters.

Vaultlander Locations – Episode 2

You will earn the Zane Vaultlander from Zane if you defeat him in the Vaultlanders Battle. Follow the prompts on the screen and you’ll win.

There are more Vaultlanders to collect in New Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2. As mentioned before, check to see if a Vaultlander notification is active when you’re in an open area. Check every interactable thing in the area and you’ll find the Vaultlander.

Vaultlander Locations – Episode 3

Interact with the fridge in the storage room when exploring Fran’s shop as Anu. In the fridge, you’ll find the Badass Superfan. Win the game of Vaultlanders Battle to get the Vasquez Vaultlander.

The Roland Vaultlander is acquired by defeating the Badass Superfan in a duel. This time, you need to find him while exploring the morgue as Anu. He is in the back left room in the cold locker.

Vaultlander Locations – Episode 4

When you are exploring the lab as Anu, you can find the Maya Vaultlander on the desk next to the computer. It is in the room that is up the stairs.

Another Badass Superfan battle will result in you getting the Brick Vaultlander. This one is found when exploring the fake Fran’s Frogurt. Check the trunk of the car built into the wall to find him.

While you are still in the fake frogurt shop as Fran, you can find the Mordecai Vaultlander in the cash register.

When Fran is tracking down L0U13, Badass Superfan will challenge you to a duel. Win the duel and you’ll get the Moze Vaultlander.

Vaultlander Locations – Episode 5

When you are in Susan Coldwell’s office as Octavio, go up the stairs and towards the desk. In that area, you’ll find a Handsome Jack Vaultlander on a red X. This is obviously a Badass Superfan trap. Defeat him in the Vaultlanders Battle and you’ll get Handsome Jack.

You will get Lilith Vaultlander by completing the game.

And that is all of the Vaultlander miniatures we know about in New Tales from the Borderlands. To repeat what has been said, make sure to thoroughly check every area before progressing through the story. If you do that, you’ll end the game with every single Vaultlander in your collection.

New Tales from the Borderlands is available on October 21, 2022, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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