All Weapons in Tower of Fantasy: Ranked Weapon Tier List

Does your go-to weapon rank high?

by Christian Bognar

Are you looking for the best weapons in Tower of Fantasy? Since there are so many weapons to choose from in the game’s arsenal, it can be confusing knowing which one would suit your character the best. While each weapon has its own perks, it’s without a doubt that certain weapons will have you going further in the long run as you make your way to the end game. This is why tier lists are a good source, as they let you know which weapons you should gravitate toward while also letting you know which ones you should avoid. In this tier list, we will rank every weapon currently in the game while briefly describing why we believe it belongs in that tier level.

Ranking All Weapons in Tower of Fantasy

Below you will find a table with every weapon ranked from S, the greatest, to C tier, not so good.

SDual EM Stars, Venus, Chakram of the Seas, Absolute Zero, KIng Scythe of the Crow.
ARosy Edge, Staff of Scars, Molten Shield V2, Thunderblades, Icewind Arrow, Negating Cube, Thunderous Halberd, Balmung.
BThe Terminator, Pummeler, Nightingale’s Feather, Guren Blade, Flaming Revolver.
CComposite Bow, Combat Blade, Frosted Spear, EM Blade.

S Tier

The weapons you find in this level have stats that are unmatched. And while some of them will take longer to get used to, especially as a newcomer, they are worth practicing as you will become extremely powerful once you understand them fully. Whether it be Chakram of the Seas’ incredibly high DPS that can eat away enemy shields, or Absolute Zero’s helpful healing support, you can’t go wrong with this tier level.

A Tier

A leveled weapon will still make you a force to reckon with but lacks critical stats that you would find in S rank. For example, the Ice Wind Arrow can deal incredibly high damage, but the lack of attack speed brings it down just one tier. Then you have most of the weapons here that rely heavily on star advancement, meaning players can only reach their full potential after a period of time.

B Tier

These weapons are good for activating specific roles as a last resort. They can also be used as placeholders until you find a weapon that is considered more substantial, for example, found in either A or S rank. They won’t last long as you progress into the game, and although the Terminator offers great AOE and the Pummeler helps with enemies’ shields, they aren’t powerful enough in numbers to have you wanting to keep them in the long run.

C Tier

These weapons are the worst because they don’t have star advancements. And what happens when you don’t have star advancements in Tower of Fantasy? Well, your weapon doesn’t get stronger or reach a higher potential, meaning there is no real growth here. Pass on these options and look anywhere else.

We hope this tier list helped you decide your weapon choice in Tower of Fantasy! For all Tower of Fantasy needs, stay with Attack of the Fanboy as we have thoroughly explored this game with guides, including drink recipes, unlocking the Jerboa Vehicle, the stylish Fantasy outfit, and much more.

Tower of Fantasy is available now on mobile and PC.

- This article was updated on February 2nd, 2023