How to Unlock the Jerboa Vehicle in Tower of Fantasy

Check out how to unlock the Jerboa on Tower of Fantasy

by Franklin Bellone Borges


Tower of Fantasy‘s highly anticipated Vera update debuted, bringing to the global version of the game a new and massive region, a new set of playable simulacra, a new main storyline, and a wide array of treasures, mechanics, and vehicles/mounts, like the Jerboa. But how can you unlock the Jerboa? Now, to answer that and more, as well as to allow you to travel through the desert of Vera with style,  here’s how to unlock the Jerboa Vehicle in Tower of Fantasy

How to Unlock the Jerboa Vehicle in Tower of Fantasy

Currently, the only way in which you can get the Jerboa all-terrain vehicle in Tower of Fantasy can be done by pulling for both the vehicle’s chassis and its Power Core in their respective Gachapon machines. Both of which are located in Vera’s capital, Mirroria. Once you do that, you just need to head to Vehicles to unlock it.

Where to Find the Jerboa Chassis and the Jerboa Power Core Gachapon Machines

With that said, once you unlock Vera and get access to the city of Mirroria, you will be able to find the Jerboa Chassis Gachapon Machine in Marafleur Hall. The Power Core Gachapon machine, on the other hand, will be located in the Hazardous Materials Lab area. You can check out the exact location of both Gachapon machines in the image below:


It’s important to point out that you are not guaranteed to get the vehicle parts unless the number of items available match your number of pulls.

Now that you know how to get the Jerboa vehicle in Tower of Fantasy, don’t forget to also check out the location of all remaining Gachapon machines available in Mirroria. If you are new to the game, don’t forget to also check out how to craft SSR Matrices and the best SSR weapons to choose first in Tower of Fantasy.

You can play Tower of Fantasy right now on PC, Android, and IOS. 

- This article was updated on October 20th, 2022

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