All Witch’s Concoctions in Bayonetta 3

Make full use of powerful items found throughout Bayonetta 3!

by Marc Magrini

Bayonetta 3 offers some difficult challenges for veterans and newcomers alike. While it’s possible to change the game’s difficulty, it’s still likely that players will face some battles that are too much to bear even with a massive weapon collection. Luckily, Bayonetta 3 offers a stress-free way to get back into fights with the help of items. Many of these can be found in the Gates of Hell shop, but it’s also possible to craft them through the use of Witch’s Concoctions. This recipe book will let players craft new items on-the-fly using special materials found in each chapter. Anyone having trouble with Bayonetta 3’s difficulty should check out all Witch’s Concoctions and learn which ones to go for first.

How to Craft All Witch’s Concoctions in Bayonetta 3

Concoctions can be accessed through the in-game menu under the Items tab. You’ll be able to find a selection of currently owned items in there alongside the crafting book, which can be accessed by pressing Y. Each concoction needs a number of Mandragora Root, Unicorn Horn, or Baked Gecko, all three of which can be found by destroying objects and opening chests from within each level. Every item found in this tab can be crafted through these concoctions with the exception of the Red Hot Shot.

Here’s every concoction you can craft:

  • Green Herb Lollipop: Restores a small amount of health. Requires 10 Mandragora Root.
    • Mega Green Herb Lollipop: Restores a great amount of health. Requires 15 Mandragora Root.
  • Purple Magic Lollipop: Restores magic power. Requires 5 Mandragora Root and 5 Unicorn Horn.
    • Mega Purple Magic Lollipop: Prevents magic power from running out for a short time. Requires 10 Mandragora Root and 5 Unicorn Horn.
  • Bloody Rose Lollipop: Raises attack power temporarily. Requires 10 Unicorn Horn.
    • Mega Bloody Rose Lollipop: Raises attack power for a longer duration. Requires 15 Unicorn Horn.
  • Yellow Moon Lollipop: Grants temporary invulnerability. Requires 10 Baked Gecko.
    • Mega Yellow Moon Lollipop: Grants invulnerability for a longer duration. Requires 15 Baked Gecko.
  • Midas’ Testament: Temporarily forces enemies to drop Seeds when attacked. Requires 10 Mandragora Root, Unicorn Horn, and Baked Gecko.

All of these concoctions can be made by pressing right on the D-Pad when hovering over the necessary ingredient. You can swap between each of them after putting in an amount, allowing you to craft items that require multiple materials. After crafting the items you need, you should also consider checking out your weapon’s skills to give you an extra edge in battle. With enough luck and skill, you might not even need to craft anything in the first place!

Bayonetta 3 is a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

- This article was updated on October 30th, 2022

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