Arknights Operator Tier List | All Arknights Operators, Ranked

Take a look at how we rank all the Operators in Arknights!

by Christian Bognar

Arknights, a free-to-play tactical RPG mobile game, features many characters. This can be overwhelming when it comes down to choosing who to play with, considering some characters can make or break whether you win a match. We took a list of Arknights Operators and wanted to make a tier list to make this decision easier for all players. S ranks are the best in the game, while F ranks are characters you should avoid at all costs. Keep reading to find out each tier-level description and why those characters fit into those slots.

Ranking Operators in Arknights

Starting from S down to F, these are the best and worst operators in Arknights.

SBagpipe, Ash, Blaze, Mountain, Kal’tsit, Ch’en Holungday, Thorns, Surtr, Exusiai, Ifrit, SilverAsh, Skadi the Corrupting Heart, Eyjafjalla, Mudrock, Saria, Aak, Archetto, Blemishine, Ceobe, Chen, Angelina.
ABlemishine, Carnelian, Dusk, Elysium, Gladia, Hellagur, Jaye, Eunectes, Liskarm, Magallan, Mulberry, Myrtle, Rosa, Phantom, Pallas, Nian, Rosmontis, Saga, Saileach, Scene, Siege, Schwarz, Suzuran, Shamare, W, Specter, Warfarin, Ptilopsis, Nightingale, Shining, Silence, Andreana.
BAbsinthe, Akafuyu, Amiya (Guard), Amiya, Asbestos, Ashlock, Astesia, Ayerscarpe, Projekt Red, Zima, Croissant, Cliffheart, Feater, Firewatch, Beeswax, Bena, Provence, Platinum, Mayer, Lappland, Cuora, Vigna, Bibeak, Blue Poison, Breeze, Broca, Bison, Bubble, Cutter, Click, Chiave, Fartooth, Flammetta, Flametail, Franka, Frost, Glaucus, Gravel, GreyThroat, Istina, Indra, Hoshiguma, Honeyberry, Kafka, La Pluma, Leonhardy, Manticore, Meteorite, Mint, Mizuki, Mr. Nothing, Nearl, Perfumer, Pinecone, Platinum, Pramanix, Podenco, Purestream, Reed, Robin, Sora, Tachanka, Tequila, Texas, Utage, Tuye, Whislash, Whisperain, Aciddrop, Ambriel, Aosta.
CApril, Arene, Beanstalk, Blitz, Conviction, Corroserum, Courier, Deepcolor, Dur-nar, Estelle, Ethan, Executor, Flamebringer, Flint, Folinic, Gavial, Gitano, Grani, Gummy, Haze, Heavyrain, Hung, Jackie, Jessica, Lava the Purgatory, Matoimaru, Matterhorn, Melantha, Mousse, Myrrh, Roberta, Rope, Passenger, Savage, Scavenger, Sesa, Shaw, Shirayuki, Sideroca, Snowsant, Sussurro, Toddifons, Vermeil, Vulcan, Waal Fu, Wild Mane.
DBeehunter, Adnachiel, Ansel, Cardigan, Castle-3, Catapult, Doberman, Earthspirit, Greyy, Fang, Hibiscus, Leizi, Midnight, Nightmare, Skyfire, Spot, Kroos, Frostleaf, Beagle, Lava, Meteor, Orchid, Plume, Swire, Steward, Vanilla, THRM-EX, Tsukinoogi, Tomimi, Ceylon.
FJustice Knight, Durin, Kirara, Rangers, Popukar, Noir Corne, 12F, Lancet-2, Yato.

S Tier

S Tier characters are hands down the best operators in the game. You won’t have trouble winning matches with these characters at your party. They are close to being considered overpowered and can sometimes break the game if you use them correctly.

A Tier

These characters are fantastic but lack one particular component that makes them fall into the tier below S. Having any of these heroes will have you winning most matches and clearing anything in your path.

B Tier

B-tier characters could be better, but they can’t help you progress. Eventually, you should replace them if you find a higher-level tier character, but you won’t be losing all battles with these heroes in play.

C Tier

This is when you start entering the territory of characters that don’t deserve much of your time. Sometimes these heroes can surprise you with abilities, but they aren’t worth investing your time in in the long run.

D Tier

Players should avoid this tier level at all costs. They won’t help you much in battle, and their abilities are weak compared to their higher counterparts. The reason why they are higher than the F tier is mainly because the characters below them are even more of a joke.

F Tier

All of these characters are a joke and won’t get you anywhere and won’t help with any matches. They are a group of nuisances, to say the least, and are the worst operators in the game.

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Arknights is available now for Android and iOS.

- This article was updated on January 3rd, 2023

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